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Olor Fuerte Reviews

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Olor Fuerte Robusto
"I was taken by surprise by this cigar!"
I really enjoyed this cigar. Got it as part of an assortment and wasn't expecting to get the fine taste and body that this cigar gave! I savored it to a nub.
John in Oak Ridge, TN February 12, 2013
Olor Fuerte Corona
I just purchased a box that I refer to as everyday/golfing cigars, but this had to be the worst cigar in every way I have ever purchased in 45 years.
Ron in Williamsburg January 7, 2013
Olor Fuerte Test Flight
"A favorie of mine"
These are some of my everyday smokes, I usually smoke one a day or almost everday. I have had no issues with any in this line ( Maybe the corona being too small and lasts such a short time ) . I get lots and lots of full flavored smoke and I almost allways take em down to a nub or near nub size. They get my gotta try vote.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation ( Rez ) Wi. October 4, 2012
Olor Fuerte Lonsdale
"" Great Cigar""
Exellent Smoke Had it with my Sangre DE Toro Spanish Wine enjoyed it very much Good Tasting Cigar will buy again.
Wilfredo in New York September 4, 2012
Olor Fuerte Corona
""The Worst""
This Cirgar was the Worst tasting one i've had yet Terrible after taste didnt even want to finish it "Sucked Big Time"
Wilfredo in New York September 4, 2012
Olor Fuerte Belicoso
"Nice smooth smoking cigar"
Great time out on the deck smoker. It's got great aroma, thick harty smoke, and a nice draw. I would buy more and recommend to my friends.
Eric in Nashville tn September 2, 2012
Olor Fuerte Lonsdale
"I like them"
Like I said I like them and not only that I like them a lot, I keep a good suply of them in my humidors, Of all the sizes I tend to smoke more of the Lonsdales and the toros a close second. I think I get the 'Bang for my bucks' I tried the others from Manuael Q and they didn't have that extra umph!!! I was looking for.
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation ( rez ) Wisconsi July 31, 2012
Olor Fuerte Lonsdale
"Great Smoke,super price"
lucky to purchase 5 -pack. quick delivery for fresh pack of cigar that has good ring gauge,burns slowly,tastes good, a little uneven- but burns/tastes better towards end of smoke.Pound for pound a great cigar.
lin in malden July 29, 2012
Olor Fuerte Robusto
"Burned well"
Cigar came as part of multi-pack. Enjoyed this cigar very much. It burned and drew well.
Quentin June 25, 2012
Olor Fuerte Magnum
"Good Full body smoke"
Surprise surprise the initial light was peppery. About 1/4 into the cigar I noticed a spot appearing on the wrapper lower down. This spot slowly became bigger and eventually turned into a hole. Very poor wrapping towards the foot. Once i corrected this issue by pretty much torching just below the hole all the way around the cigar, it kept a line. The flavor jumped back and forth from deep earthy tobacco to cream and nuts. With a slight sweetness all the way down. Definitely got a big buzz off this cigar. Infact I stopped smoking about 10minutes ago and my head is still buzzing. Lasted me about 80minutes total before the heat started making it too harsh to continue. I believe the current rating of an 88/100 is pretty accurate. I think I might keep a 5 pack on hand but doubt I'll ever buy a whole box. Would never turn one down though.
Ian in Columbus, Ohio April 17, 2012
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