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Olor Fuerte Reviews

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Olor Fuerte Magnum
"A great and big smoke, esp for price"
I love this cigar. Lots of smoke, great maduro taste, and consistently good construction. After going through a 5 pack, I'm ordering a box. One of my favorites !
Clarke in Annapolis, Maryland April 14, 2012
Olor Fuerte Magnum
this is a really nice smoke I got them on Monster and it was a steal .. Big smoke yet great taste I will be buying more Olor
DonB in suffolk VA February 24, 2012
Olor Fuerte Churchill
"Very fond of these"
I wonder about the (-) reveiws Iv'e read. I haven't had a bad one yet. I smoked just about every size offered and I'm just lovin them. there was no burn issues or lack of flavors that strike my fancie (Ha-ha). I keep a supply on hand in my humidor esp. the Toros
Buffalo Spirit in Oneida Nation ( Rez ) Wi February 13, 2012
Olor Fuerte Magnum
"pretty good but not great"
got it in the sampler, good built cigar with a nice appearance, took some maintinance, taste and aroma were ok ish i dont it will make the top 5 or 6 in this sampler but it was pretty good
russell in brigantine,nj January 16, 2012
Olor Fuerte Magnum
"One of My Favorites"
The Size and quality for the price are unmatched, especially after a month in the humidor. Even my cigar snob friends enjoy this cigar.
Brian in San Antonio, FL October 17, 2011
Olor Fuerte Belicoso
"Not what I remember"
I smoked several of these back in the 2006-2008 time frame. Back then they were great cigars. These I'm smoking now in 2011 just do not taste like they used to. I will dry these way down to see what happens, but now they are very bitter. I have smoked cigars for about 30 years, and folks will often say "well, your palate changed" which is a load of pooey. Fuentes and Padrons still taste the same year after year, decade after decade. I also have extremely good flavor memory, and these taste very similar to store samples that my various retailer friends send me to judge for them. I would bet dollars to donuts Plascencia and perhaps Fuego are blending/Making these. It is like they use the same blend for store brands with some very slight tweaking, if any, for any store that asks them to make them a blend.
Danno in Southeastern USA September 28, 2011
Olor Fuerte Robusto
This cigar is not bad for the price. I enjoyed it but there are better cigars like the Cusano 18 year. I would recommend that over this one. Worth a try though.
Brandon in Kalamazoo August 8, 2011
Olor Fuerte Robusto
"excellent slow smoke with much flavor."
excellent taste, smouth and slightly nutty difficult to get an even burn at lighting but excellent there after. very aromatic, several people have commented on how good it smells.
Jim A in syracuse,ny August 6, 2011
Olor Fuerte Robusto
"Creamy Thick Tasty Smoke"
Very thick smoke which is a plus for me. #1 I consider this a Maduro(Only kind of stick I smoke) #2 it is medium body( another plus for me) I personally think this is a perfect cigar to smoke with a good cup of coffee. First 1/3 is good,2/3 to Nub is Great, which I always smoke to the nub with this cigar,which I can't say about too many cigars. Burn can get edgy at times but it doesn't take away from the amazing taste you get out of this cigar. If you like a super smooth smoke with real hints of nutty/coffee flavor you will diffidently like this cigar. I have smoked over 10 of these and I would advise on letting these sit in a humidor for at least a couple months if you gets these shipped to you.
Patrick in Phoenix, AZ July 2, 2011
Olor Fuerte Robusto
"Creamy, Chocolaty, Spicy, wonderful smoke"
Wow, what an enjoyable cigar. I put this close to the top of the list for creamy, spicy, chocolaty, spicy smokes. The only reason I don't say it is absolutely at the top of the list is because I had to re-light it 3 or 4 times during my smoke, so burn quality takes a hit. But these babies pack plenty of punch without completely overpowering you and the taste is something to enjoy!
David B in Dripping Springs TX June 27, 2011
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