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Olor Fuerte Lonsdale Reviews [view details]

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"Must be Short Filler"
Wow, am I disappointed in this cigar. Every one I smoke leaves ashes in my lap. You can't get 3/4 inch of ash to stay on the cigar. I'll tear one apart to verify. I expect to spend $35 for short fillers, not $89! Poor excuse for a cigar.
John in Virginia November 30, 2005
"Don't Waste Your Money"
Since I tried an Olor Fuerte Corona, and found it utterly delicious, I decided to splurge on a box of Lonsdales. Big mistake! I would love to report on the flavor, but it didn't have any. After I ran a poker through it, to break up the plug, I waited patiently for the flavor to develop. I suspect Olor Fuerte got a truckload of lousy (Mexican?) filler, and needs to use it up. Famous sells better built - and much better tasting cigars for HALF the price of this dud.
DonC in Sebring, FL August 30, 2005
"Smooth-smoking, but Strong...nice flavor..."
Olor fuerte is smooth-smoking, with a good, strong flavor.
Michael S. in Alexandria, VA July 18, 2005
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10 Construction (76) 100
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