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Olor Fuerte Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"A real disappointment."
Having tried the Olor Nic and liked them, I thought I`d give these a try. Whoever decided to label them as full should be slapped silly. These are barely a "mild". Not worth the effort to draw from, really, really disappointed with Famous`s FULL rating on these. Now I`m stuck with 4 more that are best used for drywall filler.
RB in California September 2, 2010
"Not worth trying"
These cigars burned so hot that they were unsmokable. I returned the box and was totally unsatified. Not recommended at any price.
j. lacorte in san jose, ca August 23, 2010
"This cigar is better than lunch, it is lunch"
The big 60 ring really gives you something to chew on ,its sweet spot is the last inch and a half a long burning fine cigar
CRAZY AL in Lowell , MA. June 28, 2010
"One of my Favorites"
Olor Fuerte is one of my favorites the 6x60 I have never had a bad one yet... good flavor, good smoke, looks good, even burn and smooth draw. I think I have close to a 100 of the 6x60's just aging very nicely. When Famous puts the 6x60's on sale I jump on them and put them away. Great deals great cigar... priceless!!!
Larry in Michigan May 12, 2010
"Nice draw, smooth mild and burns like a champ."
Nice appearance and consistancy. What else can you ask for ?
Steve in Baltimore Maryland March 27, 2010
"Not so smooth balanced and complex"
I'm not impressed with this cigar. The burn, draw and construction were fine, but the taste wasn't. The best way to describe it is it's like smoking cardboard that tobacco was previously packed in. I'll give the rest plenty of box time, but if they don't improve, they're going to people who might apreciate them.
Colby H in Upstate NY December 9, 2009
"Just Outstanding"
I bought a box of Fuerte Magnum then bought a box of Belicoso's... they're both an outstanding cigar... I never had a bad one yet. Had to try them right out of the box right away and what a nice cigar. Not only it the taste good but what a greata looking cigar. Nice job Famous... you have a winner in this product.
Larry in Michigan September 1, 2009
"nice wrapper"
we've all seen this mottled wrapper before and for me every time it's proved a hit.the pre light draw was snug and tasted sweet and opened up upon lighting easing the draw and producing tons of smoke,burns fairly straight and cool creamy in the first inch and showing more octane.the finish is satisfying and lingers. i recommend rolling lrg rings frequently to keep them burning right and it helped this one as it tended to lean a bit these cigars are well packed, a box of mag is like 2#! midway and still burning cool and even after tipping off and revealing a long cone it now looks like a small grease fire in this office!the pre light draw taste is still there these undoubtedly will age well.hard as a rock to the nub.will revisit these in spring
figurado in vale August 22, 2009
"Very Bad"
Bad, bad, bad, save your money. Very dry, hard, brittle, and very hard draw. Disappointed not sure if it's the cigar or Famous have had same problem with other sticks from Famous.
Richard in Ohio August 12, 2009
"One of the best"
Bought two boxes at auction and so far smoked 4, perfect draw - it's harder to breathe! I found more medium than full in strength but full flavoured without being overpowering, the ash did not stay on long which suprised me, I would have expected an inch at least but didn't affect the quality of the smoke, more of an aestetic thing for me. Good looking Gar and burned very very even throughout every one I smoked, maybe they aged a bit on the flight across to Australia! Up there with the very best and I've been chuffing on cubans for 30 odd years. Will buy again when the stock diminish
Nicofletch in Perth Australia June 28, 2009
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