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Olor Fuerte Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"Over rated"
Pros: Nice mild-med flavor all the way to the stub. Finishes very nicely. Cons: Poor construction as the wrapper came apart in several places. I should have inspected the stick when it first arrived but kept in the cellophane in the humi. Otherwise I would have returned this 2nd. When I went to puff it, I noticed a 1/2 hole missing in the wrapper about mid way, the veiny binder pushing its way up. First thought was of a healed tree limb. Holding it sideways this magnum appeared rolled by an amateur with rolling peaks and valleys. Burn was uneven; runs, evens out then runs again. Draw was on the tight side too. I like a full mouth of smoke but not when my cheeks pull inwards to get it. When I decided to buy this stick ratings were in the high 9's. I see now that it has dropped considerably. Needless to say, I was disappointed with the overall quality of this stick.
John in Santa Barbara, CA June 6, 2009
"Frustrating not Relaxing"
Nice taste and draw. Consistently burns up the side and falls apart halfway through. I'll stick with the Robustos
Larry in Staten Island New York April 15, 2009
"Great taste but falls apart. I will not reorder."
Great taste but falls apart. I will not reorder.
Mike in Missouri March 16, 2009
"big dissapointment and i mean big"
i really like olor brand but these let me down. the taste is not up to olor standers and the burn is poor. i bought a box at a yankee auction and now i know why they were so cheap. i would never buy them again no matter what the cost. i would suggest another the olor cigar.
robert in petoskey michigan February 27, 2009
"Nice Smoke"
Picked up a box on Monster wish I did two. Fired one up upon arrival burned with no problems with a fantastic rich taste. Nice construction.
Scott in Wisconsin December 3, 2008
"Spicy & rich. Worth a shot for the $ if on sale."
I bought a box and got a 2 for 1 deal. For the price, a better than average smoke. a few of mine did tend to run a bit, but great draw. The construction was good. Worth a shot for the $ if on sale.
A ARMIGA in CA September 24, 2008
"looks good but always falls apart before finish"
Almost everyone unravels before your done with it Last two I had couldnt even draw it at all
Gimp in Tampa FL. July 20, 2008
"Great cigar, priced right!!!"
Not perfect, "but what is". I have ordered several boxes over the past couple of years and this magnum has become one of my favorites. After three weeks in the humidor (cellophane packaging removed) this cigar is practically unbeatable!
Glenn in Columbus, Ohio April 25, 2008
"A Beaute, and it smokes well too"
I'm wondering if the fellows who don't like this stick have been removing the wrapper before lighting. It's a very attractive cigar with a nearly perfect draw (after 2-3 weeks in the humidor). I'd like it even more if the flavor had more texture, but it's a very nice sunny afternoon companion. It offers nice notes of coffee and chocolate, produces a thick screen of steely blue smoke, and doesn't break the bank. At $4 a stick, it's perhaps a bit overpriced, but when paried with a nice freebie or offered on a 2 fer, it's a definite "buy."
Dale in Eastern Washington February 10, 2008
"A good looking cigar....that's where it ends!!!"
I won a 5-pack in a recent auction and smoked the first cigar last night. It's supposed to be a "full bodied" cigar. I've smoked more "medium bodied" cigars that tasted fuller than this one did. I give it an A+ for looks and construction F for taste, draw and especially fullness. Don't waste your money...if you're looking for a "full-bodied" cigar....keep on looking. Maybe I'll send the remaining 4 to my brother in Florida....he loves mild cigars!!!!
Gene in Conn. January 9, 2008
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