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Olor Fuerte Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"Lives up to Reviews"
Thanks Famous! I have been able to stock my Humidor, with great cigars.Enough that I can wait at minimum 1-2 week aging in separate storage Humidor. After 1 week this Beauty, lit and smoked this Olor.I put it down several times.Because I was satisfied, and put it in my ashtray.After a couple of 'Hours', nice finish.
Bob in NC September 28, 2013
"Good Full body smoke"
Surprise surprise the initial light was peppery. About 1/4 into the cigar I noticed a spot appearing on the wrapper lower down. This spot slowly became bigger and eventually turned into a hole. Very poor wrapping towards the foot. Once i corrected this issue by pretty much torching just below the hole all the way around the cigar, it kept a line. The flavor jumped back and forth from deep earthy tobacco to cream and nuts. With a slight sweetness all the way down. Definitely got a big buzz off this cigar. Infact I stopped smoking about 10minutes ago and my head is still buzzing. Lasted me about 80minutes total before the heat started making it too harsh to continue. I believe the current rating of an 88/100 is pretty accurate. I think I might keep a 5 pack on hand but doubt I'll ever buy a whole box. Would never turn one down though.
Ian in Columbus, Ohio April 17, 2012
"A great and big smoke, esp for price"
I love this cigar. Lots of smoke, great maduro taste, and consistently good construction. After going through a 5 pack, I'm ordering a box. One of my favorites !
Clarke in Annapolis, Maryland April 14, 2012
this is a really nice smoke I got them on Monster and it was a steal .. Big smoke yet great taste I will be buying more Olor
DonB in suffolk VA February 24, 2012
"pretty good but not great"
got it in the sampler, good built cigar with a nice appearance, took some maintinance, taste and aroma were ok ish i dont it will make the top 5 or 6 in this sampler but it was pretty good
russell in brigantine,nj January 16, 2012
This magnum is as good as SLR serie G maduro, torano "signature" and other similar maduro's, except this fuete magnum has a perfect burn and more flavor
MARK in TWIN CITIES MN June 6, 2011
"Surprisingly good smoke!"
Recieved this cigar in a sampler and was more than pleasantly surprised. It is milder than you might expect, but a dense ash and flavorful to end. Goes in my Top 5 with La Gloria Cubana Serie R, Perdomo and Barber and Argenti..
scott in new hope, PA December 26, 2010
When I want a rich Honduran this is the smoke. If you have the time to relax and want a great cigar that rivals many that are a hell of a lot more money give, the Olor Fuerte mag. a shot.
jluck in oregon December 21, 2010
"Nice Smoke. I keep these in my Humidor"
Nice smooth smoke. I agree with the last comment about the this cigar. I have had 1 or 2 that are very light but all the others have a good draw.
Samtud in Birmingham October 29, 2010
"No Smoke Output"
Picked up a 5 pack to try. Had them in the humidor for 3 weeks before trying one. The burn was very even but unfortunately I could not get any smoke or flavor out of it. It took a triple puff to get any kind of smoke out of this hog. I gave up about 2" in. Will let the other 4 sit a good 2-3 months before trying again.
Brian in Nor Cal September 12, 2010
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10 Consistency (86) 100
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10 Draw (89) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
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