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Olor Fuerte Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Creamy Thick Tasty Smoke"
Very thick smoke which is a plus for me. #1 I consider this a Maduro(Only kind of stick I smoke) #2 it is medium body( another plus for me) I personally think this is a perfect cigar to smoke with a good cup of coffee. First 1/3 is good,2/3 to Nub is Great, which I always smoke to the nub with this cigar,which I can't say about too many cigars. Burn can get edgy at times but it doesn't take away from the amazing taste you get out of this cigar. If you like a super smooth smoke with real hints of nutty/coffee flavor you will diffidently like this cigar. I have smoked over 10 of these and I would advise on letting these sit in a humidor for at least a couple months if you gets these shipped to you.
Patrick in Phoenix, AZ July 2, 2011
"Creamy, Chocolaty, Spicy, wonderful smoke"
Wow, what an enjoyable cigar. I put this close to the top of the list for creamy, spicy, chocolaty, spicy smokes. The only reason I don't say it is absolutely at the top of the list is because I had to re-light it 3 or 4 times during my smoke, so burn quality takes a hit. But these babies pack plenty of punch without completely overpowering you and the taste is something to enjoy!
David B in Dripping Springs TX June 27, 2011
"Good smoke;"
Was a good smoke start to finish.Will add this cigar to my to buy list.
David Tomlinson in Westearn N.C. June 27, 2011
"Nice slow smoke, consistent start to finish."
This was a nice cigar. The draw was good and it burned slow and stayed cool down to the finish. It wasn't a complex smoke but the flavor stayed consistent throughout. Not one to write home about but, absolutely no complaints either.
Travis Carter in Portland, OR May 10, 2011
Fantastic smoke draws great, Great taste burns good and slow, what a great way to kill some time. I will purchase more.
Barry Savoie in Louisiana February 24, 2011
Got this as part of the "Best of Maduros" sampler. Did not have problems with the draw as others seemed to have. Thick, creamy smoke with flavors I thoroughly enjoyed.
Brian in Honolulu, HI January 20, 2011
""I Once French Kissed a Girl...""
This cigar reminded me of an old High School girl friend. We once french kissed so long and so hard that when I went home my jaw hurt. Out of the pack they were beautiful. Like my girl friend they were very well "constructed." I ordered a five pack of these babies and the draw was so tight on each one that I quit half way because my jaw was tire of sucking and, just like the girlfriend, things never got any better.
Brent in Vero Beach ,FL August 23, 2010
Well, not for me. Loose draw, taste is rather flat in my opinion and burned pretty hot.
in February 19, 2010
"Very good smoke, if you can get it to."
I remember this cigar was exceptionally dark. It was dark enough for me to ponder why it's referred to as a "dark natural" when it was nearly black. I even labeled it in my ratings table as "oscuro." Anyway, this cigar was great! It was a VERY cool burner, and was also quite robust. This is a problem for the average smoker. To keep it lit you have to puff at more than once a minute, but if you do that for too long, you may get lightheaded. The smoke smelled leathery, but the taste was full of fruity and nutty sweet flavors, brilliant when "retrohaled." It burned evenly, for as much that did burn (I also had issues keeping it lit, I put it down half way because it died out). The ash was a solid dense "zebra" ash. Very creamy smoke that just poured out of your mouth. I recommend to all.
Stephen Martin in United States January 14, 2010
"Better than the reviews"
I bought a five pack of these because I have heard that the Olor is a pretty good cigar, I didn't read any of the reviews until after I bought them and was waiting for them to arrive, after reading the reviews I was not looking forward to getting my order but I had to try them once they got here since I spent the money on them, First off I have to say they are a nice looking cigar, they are put together well, I figured if they look this good they must not be that bad, but looks can be deceiving, lucky for me though this was not the case with these cigars, they had a good taste to them when first lit and I was pleasantly surprised that they had a good draw to them as well. So now I am trying to figure out if these are the same cigar that all the bad reviews were written about?? Could the bad reviews be because of an old bad batch of them or what, they couldn't be the same cigars that I just smoked because the ones I smoked burned well and had a pretty good taste to them along with having a really good draw to them. They stayed together well and I had no difficulties at all from them. It makes you wonder how some can give a review that is so much different than the one I am giving right now if they smoked the same cigar as I just did. My only conclusion is that they must have gotten a hold of a bad batch of them, how else could I have so much of a different view on them then so many others that tried them. I know my taste is not that much different than others to be that much off of my opinion of them. Lets see what the next guy has to say about the Olor Fuerte Robusto. In my opinion they are a good cigar and I would give them about a 7.43 out of 10.
Ron in Michigan August 31, 2009
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