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Olor Fuerte Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"i expected more"
i let these set for 2 months before i tried them. reviews were too good to be true. for the price and hype, the flavor was mediocre, shallow and one dimensional. the famous smokes house brands have more depth and flavor for a lot less price.
r seaman in canastota, ny February 1, 2009
"Boat Smoker"
Real smooth. Good burn, great draw. I'll definitely buy more.
Rick in San Antonio, TX. January 19, 2009
"unremarkable "third of a gopher" cigar"
Nice construction and draw, yet despite the bold, dark wrapper, the flavors only yield a vanilla scoop in a paper cone. Like a "third of a gopher", this cigar will only "rouse your hunger without beddin' her back down". (Everett McGill "O'Brother Where Art Thou")
Rubix3 in Front Porch September 15, 2008
"Great morning cigar to pair with coffee!!"
A smooth and complex smoke that makes a cup of coffee taste like a chocolate bar. Loads of coffee and cocoa in this smoke. The cigar is not all that dynamic but the pairing with coffee is marvelous. A great starter smoke with a morning cup of coffee. Mild-medium smoke that really starts your day.
Jim in Plymouth, MA January 19, 2008
"It's A Winner !"
Eye appeal right away, nice wrapper oozing with oils. Peppery notes up front that tamed down right away. Deep rich flavor of espresso and chocolate with a charred wood hint at the half way point. Draw was decent and the burn was even to the end. Not quite as strong as some but still very nice.
NA Johnson in NY August 18, 2007
"Weak on construction, Great on taste!"
My first impression of this cigar was a little negative. I'd had it sitting in my humidor for about 2 weeks when I smoked it. I normally use a drill, but I left it in my golf bag so I had to resort to a cutter. I cut the cigar carefully, so as not to cut over the shoulder. As soon as I cut it, the shoulder cap came off and I noticed some unraveling of the wrapper. I rolled the cigar in my lips and tried to keep the wrapper from unraveling any more (successfully, I might add). That was the end of the negative stuff though. This is a class A smoke if you like a full bodied cigar. Smoked evenly. GREAT nose on this one. Really very pleasant with some cocoa and toasty undertones. I really liked this one. Just a little weak on the construction side, but maybe I just lucked out with the one cigar out of the box that had an issue. Still highly recommended.
R. Last in Michigan June 16, 2007
"A really good smoke!"
This stick burned perfectly,no touch-ups and even all the way. Draw was a bit tight but I'm picking nits. Lots of smoke with a woody,cocoa profile. A medium fuerte, but very smooth. Smoked it with a black and tan, very good. I was impressed. I highly recommend it.
Mike in Lancaster,Pa June 15, 2007
"One of the best cigars ive smoked"
A few weeks ago I ordered a sample bundle from famous-smoke and included was an Olor Fuerte Robusto. I was a little skeptical about it at first, as I'm not much of a full bodied cigar smoker. As I lit it up, I expected to get that first burst of flavor, followed by some bite, but to my suprise there was none. As I sat for about an hour with this cigar, each puff was more desired than the last. I had a little urge just to chew on it a little bit, it tasted so good! afterwards, I decided to invest in some more and it was the best decision. These cigars are incredible!
Michael Pascale in NY April 30, 2007
"Decent Sampler Pack Cigar"
Bought the 3x3 sampler from FSS because it worked out to great prices for the RPs and Cohibas. The Olors were sort of a throw-in on the deal and did not expect much. Fuerte seems somewhat of a misnomer as they seem milder than the name implies. They delivered a decent smoke for the price I paid but have somewhat of a short finish. There are better smokes at the box price, e.g. Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte.
Gregg in Concord, NH April 28, 2007
"A gift to the senses"
I am a new cigar smoker, and have been sampling different kinds. I got the 9 pack sampler and quickly fell in love with this cigar. I normally smoke the padron 3000's, but this is hands down my favorite. Everyone I have smoked is perfect, not too firm, and not to soft, and just the right amount of spring to it. Every cigar has lit perfectly, and has had an easy smooth silky draw of smoke. I was most impressed with how rich and creamy it is, and the light aroma is warm and pleasant. For the new smoker like me, I highly recommend this cigar.
Peter in Grand Rapids Michigan February 28, 2007
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