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Onyx Reserve Belicoso #2 Reviews [view details]

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Need I say more?
Wayne Cook in Texas August 3, 2006
"Mouth full of metal!"
I love maduros, so I was looking forward to trying the Onyx Belicoso that I bought off the shelf. I had heard such great things, including the high ratings, so you can imagine how sorely disappointed I was to fire this cigar up and be treated to a mouth full of coppery metallic flavor. I gave the cigar a chance, and smoked it down to about half-way before giving up on it. The construction was good, and there was no problem with the draw. If anything, it drew too easily. However, the taste was awful, and the finish was even worse. I will definitely never buy this brand again. There are too many good smokes to enjoy and not enough time to give this one another chance.
Matt Stanger in New Jersey June 27, 2006
"The best cigar I've smokes so far!"
This is the BEST cigar I've found yet at any price. I'd heard these were bad for there draw chracteristics, but I've smoked an entire box without any complaints. Nice even slow burn, great flavor and aroma. A pleasue to smoke, wife even likes em.
Mike in St, Augustine, Fla. March 15, 2006
"best i ever smoked"
Daughter gave me a box for Christmas............These are the best cigars I have ever smoked.......Just wish I could afford to smoke them all the time
michael schafer in pa February 8, 2006
As a big fan of maduro cigars, this one has become one of my favorites. I always have Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, Romeo Y Julieta Reserve, and La Gloria Cubana Serie R in the humidor, but at half the price, The Onyx reserve has earned a place of honor in the rotation. Plenty of flavor for any occasion, and as smooth as can be. I'm halfway through my second box and not a bad cigar in the bunch
Bill Pfeiffer in NY January 27, 2006
"Smooth & steady smoke. Slow burn with great taste"
Smooth, steady smoke. Very good burn with a great flavor. 1st time for this cigar.Recommended by retail store staff-John. Will purchase this one many times.
Frederick Pheiffer in Middle Falls-upstate NY June 23, 2005
"Quite possibly the best in its price range"
The Onyx Reserve is a wonderful cigar! Flavor packed but never bites. They seem to have taken care of the draw issue as the last box I smoked had no duds. And like the other reviewer said Bob in Portland, Raciere in Seattle, J Friedman in LA need to go back to smoking White Owls or Phillies Blunt. Or maybe the West Coast just got bad batches.
Maduro fan in Onyxs' maduro heaven April 28, 2004
"A must have for all cigar lovers."
I am now over halfway finished with my second box, and I am still unable to not light one up everynight. I have given some to my closest friends and they too have ordered some. great Burn, excellent taste --until the wrapper. A must have for any cigar humidor. P.S. They are much better after being in the humidor a few days.
Michael "SeƱor" Day in Laurel, MS April 14, 2004
"One of the best smokes I have had. Great burn."
One of the best smokes I have had. Great slow burn that is consistant with each cigar. Smooth finish. Just ordered my third case.
Carl Michael Day in Laurel, MS April 6, 2004
"Great cigar but tough to smoke"
I thought this was one of the best cigars I have smoked but it had a terrible draw. I thought it was just the cigar but after reading other comments about it, it looks like it wasn't just a one time thing. Had a great aroma and ashed well but had to relight it four or five times. So a great smoke if you can keep it going.
Mike in Texas August 3, 2002
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