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Onyx Reserve Reviews

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Onyx Reserve Robusto
"Excellent, but I prefer the Belicoso"
Draw was waaay too tight in the beginning, but after some massaging the stick loosened up becoming almost spongy by the midpoint. The last third was the best flavor-wise, but unfortunately it was too shortly lived. The whole burn time was about 45 minutes. 88 points [flavor-wise, 85 points for the first half, and 90 points for the last third].
Stefan in City by the Bay April 30, 2014
Onyx Reserve Belicoso #2
"Easygoing smoke"
Medium bodied with a mellow flavor profile of cocoa powder and herbs. Cedar kicked in strongly on the last third, accompanied by a serious dose of minerals {metal}. Excellent burn with ash holding on mightily for one third of the stick at a time. Was a bit drying on the palate. 88 points
Stefan in City by the Bay February 22, 2014
Onyx Reserve #4
"Great Taste & Appearance. Sub par burn"
Great taste with a nice smoke. Consistency and draw are good but not great.
Matt in MI July 25, 2013
Onyx Reserve Toro
"One of the best when rested"
There are some cigars that taste better with rest but this cigar is one of the best out there. I have 2 boxes that are almost 4 years old and they are amazing. Treat yourself to a well rested cigar and at this price you can afford to leave 2 boxes aging.
Cigary in Atlanta June 25, 2013
Onyx Reserve Robusto
A pretty tasty cigar for the price. Spicy, peppery flavors. I was annoyed at how tightly rolled one of the cigars was but a slight bite on the head and I was good to go.
Daniel in California June 23, 2013
Onyx Reserve #4
"Smells Bad"
I was stuck when I bought a box, lesson I won't forget! It smells very horrible. The draw is okay until you reach the half where it is almost tight and you have to give squeeze it a bit! I did not like it!
B.Q8 in Sc June 2, 2013
Onyx Reserve Toro
"Great smoke"
I was searching for a maduro and liked the reviews for this cigar. I usually smoke Punch After Dinners. The appearance was excelleant. Draw was very good. The flavor was a nice mix of expresso and spice at the end. No off tastes, either. I would rate this equal to or slightly better than, the Punch.
Steve in Hyde Park, New York May 13, 2013
Onyx Reserve Robusto
""Very good! Not great""
Very good look and feel, good draw, but way to spongy! Maybe to overcome the bad draw issues, dark ash typical in piloto cubano, sweet,spicy and creamy...I will buy it again...
Carlos Pimentel in dominican republic April 7, 2013
Onyx Reserve Robusto
"A little over rated"
Appearance looked good, firm yet spongy to the squeeze. Handsome looking cigar. Elegant black gold and white banner. Good burn easy draw. It started out smooth and gradually gave its true blend. It released a gal/tar bitter taste throughout. I think this cigar will appeal to many pallets, but not mine. I?'ll stay with my PDR 1878 Reserva Dominicana Capa Habana.
Ed in Madison, Ohio March 18, 2013
Onyx Reserve Belicoso #2
"Didn't Disappoint"
I had seen this cigar sitting in the giant case humidor of the tobacco store I usually purchase my cigars from and it just kept calling to me. I thought due to it's color and I know it sounds silly but I thought it was going to be an awfully strong cigar but I gave in and I'm glad I did. It was a beautiful easy flavorful smoke not overly strong but not to easy on me either. An amazing smoke and would recommend it to anyone.
Shawn in Clarksville, TN March 5, 2013
Amilcar Perez Castro