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Onyx Reserve Reviews

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Onyx Reserve Robusto
"great smoke but"
sometimes the roll is way to tight bad draw but when good the cigar is awesome.
coz in seattle January 25, 2013
Onyx Reserve #4
"Great little smoke!"
Someone gave me a sampler pack about 3 years ago and one of the sticks was this cigar. I was moving at the time and it ended up in my storage unit (“Climate Controlled”) in a cedar lined “Otter Box”. When I dug the box out, the humidity in the box was amazingly, 69%. I put the cigars in my home humidor and forgot about this for another month or so. I finally dug it out and smoked it out on my balcony. I wish I had tried it sooner as it was a great little smoke. It burned very evenly with a nice average draw. It was a little milder than I normally smoke but had a full body flavor. The wrapper was very well aged and had a hint of coffee smell that added to the overall experience. My next order will include a box of these for sure.
Dan in Middletown, CT October 8, 2012
Onyx Reserve #4
"Inconsistent burn"
Have smoked Onyx for years and this batch had the most inconsistent burn in a long time. Had to relight several times.
Steve in Spingport, MI July 25, 2012
Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso
"Great Smoke"
This is one of my favorite smokes! Woody at the start moving to dark coffee in the final 1/3. Nicely contructed and burned evenly with an appealing appearance. Worth a try but a box is a must!
Joel in Orlando, FL June 2, 2012
Onyx Reserve Robusto
"Too tight"
The #4 is one of my favorites. However this one has too tight of a draw. the tobacco flavor isn't that great and its missing the cocoa and nut flavor that make me love the #4. Pass this one up for now. Its not that great.
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 28, 2012
Onyx Reserve Toro
"Not bad, great for the price"
Mostly pepper with very faint hints of coffee. Burning wood, campfire like smoke.
Omar in Diamond Bar, CA April 11, 2012
Onyx Reserve #4
"Absolutely Awful!!"
Some of the worst burning cigars I have ever smoked. Everyone of them burned completely black in the middle. Never again!!
Keith H in South Bend March 8, 2012
Onyx Reserve Mini (8)
"Great Cigar!"
Make sure you smoke it at the right end. Light the end with the gold band.
Bobby in Iliinois January 19, 2012
Onyx Reserve #4
"Another coffee cigar!"
I just keep being amazed at these cocoa flavoured gars...they are such great additions to morning coffee moments! Rich full flavour and yet a medium body smoke. Burn was excellent, nice and easy draw, along with a great construction brings this one together for a really enjoyable smoke.
Jon in Indiana January 7, 2012
Onyx Reserve #4
I absolutely loved this cigar when I first purchased it at a liquor store in town. It burns well. Draws well has a deep dark chocolately flavor and honestly its the best I have had so far. Thank you guys for such an amazing price. I originally paid 8 bucks for my first one and now that its only 3 bucks and some change a piece. I had to snatch a whole box. Brilliant job. Will be buying these as soon as my first box runs out.
Ian S in Columbus, Ohio September 14, 2011
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