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Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Maduro is king 'o' cigars, good bite & burn."
These cigars are in my opinion, other than maybe oscuro, is a great smoke, cuts well w/a V cutter, good ash, smooth, very firm bite, and timing is best. All around $'s worth.
BayouBob in New Orleans October 17, 2008
"Love This Cigar"
Just started smoking cigars less than a year ago. One of my first was a Macanudo from my uncle. Good starter. Whatever kind it was, it was mild and coaxed me into trying more. Awhile later, my uncle gave me an Onyx. I loved it, but maybe too much. I was burning my fingers about and inch or two before everyone else. I was fairly dizzy after that. Once I learned that cigar smoking wasn't a race, I bought my 5 pack of these Mini Belicosos. They are a smoke that I always want to have in my repertoire. Great easy draw, tons of rich smoke, I love the depth of flavor from the dark maduro wrapper. These and the robustos seem to be just my size, since I usually don't have an hour to smoke. They burn great, are well constructed, and are smooth to the end. They hold a perfect ash for at least an inch or more. Your friends will like it until they get to the last two inches. It gets a little harsh at the end, but if you've gotten that far, you must like it. Please stop reading this nonsense and enjoy one for yourself.
Chris in Los Angeles March 24, 2008
"Buy It!!"
I don't know what the guy from the UK is talking about, must be an amature, this is a great smoke, mellow smooth, slow burning and strong, but mildly so. It is another of my go to smokes when I have a little while, but not that much time. Trust me; I have smoked a variety and for the money this is one of the better ones.
Ron in Rocky Hill, CT November 18, 2007
"Must be me, but...."
I apologise for being an infidel, but these just dont float my English boat as they do with other people who have bothered to leave comments. A tad fierce with no discernable flavour, just a strong smoke for dead tastebuds perhaps ? I'll age them a year or so then have another try.
CreekEnd in UK October 27, 2007
"great all around cigar"
I thought this little treat just hit the spot for an afternoon or evening smoke, at the golf course or just for hagning out. Read the other reviews on this guy and find it suprising about the draw. We went through 3 boxes and did not have a bad one, kept half a box for almost 3 years in the bottom of my toolbox at work, found them by accident and relit without them missing a beat.
kgreen11 in EASTON, PA March 2, 2007
"For the price, I am very pleased"
I found this cigar at a local shop. For the price, I didn't expect a lot. Boy was I wrong. The burn is very good and smooth. The taste is great. I am going through a box every 4 to 5 days.
Alan in Alabama April 16, 2006
i love onyx but, i agree with dan from wash. st. the draw is not there. period... i have 1 left, i hope it dont let me down like this one did.
al o. in wausau November 7, 2004
"great relaxer"
I love this smooth tasty smoke, especially when I'm on the deck looking at the stars. The taste is intriguingly nutty, the draw first rate.
swv in northern California July 18, 2004
"Good cigar gone bad"
I bought my first Onyx Reserve at Rae's in Harrisburg PA in Oct 2001 . . . and fell in love. During the next couple of years, I went through a box every three weeks, usually from Famous. I slowly and reluctantly came to realize that more and more cigars in each subsequent box were unsmokable: not just "tight," not just "plugged," but actually impossible to draw smoke through, like pulling on a dowel. With the number of complaints the makers must have heard, from me and from others, as well as from retailers, you'd think they would have been attentive to this one fatal flaw in an otherwise perfect cigar. Nope. Like a battered spouse who keeps wanting to give an abuser one more chance, I buy an Onyx Reserve off the shelf every month or so, hoping. I can honestly say that for better than a year now, I haven't found a single one with even a halfway decent draw. It's as if these folks were pulling an immense, expensive practical joke. It's a real pisser, because when these things were good, they were great. But time moves on, and life's far too short to get crosseyed trying to draw through a brick.
Dan in Washington State June 22, 2004
"well made, but no flavor at all"
I was very surprised to find almost no flavor or taste to this smoke at all. It seemed from the excellent construction and rich color that this would be a very pleasant experience, but I was left wanting more. Perhaps it is a consistency problem since so many are mentioning tight draws and plugged sticks, the taste might be off in mine this time.
Aaron in Cross Plains, WI June 19, 2004
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