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Onyx Reserve #4 Reviews [view details]

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"I have to say it again..."
I put a positive review down for this fella before, but now that I have had a second cigar, I have to agree with myself. It is fantastic. I like to bounce from stogie to stogie and not get attached to just one brand, but this baby is great! I've read complaints that the draw is too tight. I like it as tight as it is because then I don't draw too hard and have a mouthful of hot smoke and plus it gives it a perfect burn so it is a good looking stogie even half way thru. If I could never have anything other than ONYX in my humidor, I wouldn't complain. BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY
Sean in Montesano, WA March 10, 2008
"One of the best."
Good flavor, does not have that burning taste or bitter taste.
Bobby in Carrollton, Ga. October 21, 2007
"MEATY to the finish"
A rich, meaty full-flavored cigar with notes of spice and roasted nuts with a meaty finger burning to the nub finish. Good to the VERY LAST puff. 90's + rating for sure!
wideglide1 in NY September 9, 2007
"Good but...."
Certainly a good cigar. Well made, great burn, easy draw but slightly bitter. Tried one right after purchase and one aged in the humidor after two months and still a bit bitter for my taste. Gave some to a friend who couldn't thank me enough saying these were some of the best around. Different smokes for different folks I guess.
LK in Houston, TX June 15, 2007
"What can I say?"
What can I say that hasn't been said on here prior? This is a great smoke. Pour a glass of Jameson Scotch blend, light up an Onyx and enjoy!
Sean in Montesano, WA May 22, 2007
I've found the Reserve #4's to be decent. I don't believe they're all that people make them out to be. When I start one out, I'm never pleased with the taste. The longer I smoke one, the more happy I become with the taste of the smoke. They burn well and don't leave a foul smell lingering around. By the time I'm done, I always consider purchasing a whole box, if for nothing other than they're cheap and I can give them out to friends who want one of my cigars. A 2-3 dollar cigar is much easier to part with than a 10-15 dollar cigar.
Alex in Boston March 21, 2007
"Silk Wrapper/Full Body"
This is one great cigar. Money being no object, great construction, perfect burn, draw. Only one thing, this is not a med-full bodied cigar. It's full bodied and dry which sets it appart from other full-bodied cigars. Wrapper is SILKY; the best Maduro. Not for beginners!
Dave in Saint Petersburg, Fl March 10, 2007
GEORGE GIFFORD in NY October 18, 2006
"Well, it really is that good."
I'll keep my comments short since this cigar has been well-reviewed and debated here and otherwise across the cigar world. That 94 in CA really set the cigar smokers on fire with either praises or blasphemy for this cigar. If you have tried this cigar, or you've only tried one or two that turned out bad, try again. I've had one in my box that took 1/3 of the cigar to get a good draw, but after that it was golden. For the others that had 0 problems, they are really marvelous. It's among the best American cigars I've had, and it's better than most cubans I've had. It is very mild for it's very oily maduro appearance. It has a very pleasant taste than any cigar lover (or anyone who is just trying some of your cigar) will love. I have had both experienced smokers and first-timers ask me to get a box of these for them. It's very good, and it's the most debated cigar on the planet thanks to a 94 rating a few years ago, so I think it is worth a try for anyone. Then you can say with some authority what your opinion is of this cigar.
HavanaSanta in Alabama August 9, 2006
"My #1 Maduro"
I'm making a transition from the more mild - medium (Macanudo/ Fuente) to the darker richer Maduro. I've tried a number. The Onyx #4 is absolutly superb. Well cured, very even burn with a long firm white ash, excellent construction throughout the smoke. But the best is the full, rich taste. Somewhat sweet yet smooth without any bitter after taste. Try this on a summer eve with a glass of fine port wine and see if you don't agree. I'm going from the 5 packs to the box.
Jeff in Klamath Falls, OR June 28, 2006
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