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Onyx Reserve Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Not at all impressed"
Getting right to the point, there are many cigars in this price range that are much better. I think you get what you pay for here....uneven burn, terrible draw, bitter taste, and very dry unappealing look.
Shawn M. in NY October 7, 2009
"Sweet rich taste, beautiful maduro"
I love this fine cigar. Very enjoyable to relax with after dinner.
R Underhill in Minneapolis,MN April 28, 2009
"Like Smokin' Maduro Candy"
If you are a serious maduro lover put these on your list of must tries and the price ain't bad either. I'll be getting some more.
Randy in Terra Ceia Fl February 16, 2009
get her started,burns a little funny,set her down, dig in,umm, right down to the end.
mark in chadwicks, ny. November 14, 2008
get her started,burns a little funny,set her down, dig in,umm, right down to the end.
mark in chadwicks, ny. November 14, 2008
"Superb smoke at this price"
Onyx doesn't disappoint. Rich flavor, great draw pretty good burn. I'm partial to box pressed and am happy to be able to get a smoke like this at a reasonable price to make this one of my everyday sticks.
Bill M in Eastern PA June 10, 2008
"Very Disappointing"
Bought a box of these based on the high rating (94) but I am very disappointed. Draw is a little tight and I have to re-light often during the last 1/3rd. The taste is not to my liking at all - sharp and unpleasant. I've learned my lesson - never try a cigar by buying a box of 20! Anyone want to buy 18 sticks?
Paul in Wisconsin July 18, 2007
GREAT SMOKE! Highly rated for a reason. The wrappers are beautiful, thick, oily and stay intact. Go ahead and finger roll. Great cocoa and chocolate taste. Taste, in as much as complexity, is THE BEST. Draw is so perfect. I've smoked too many to count and every one is just as good as the last...
Stinky in St. Petersburg, Florida May 31, 2007
"One of My Favorites"
This is definitely one of, if not, my favorite cigars to date. The box pressed shape and delightful aroma are the least of the fantastic attributes of this cigar. It's VERY flavorful and when it 'comes in' at about midway, the pleasure jumps tenfold. My wife knows when I'm smoking an Onyx, because I won't come into the house til I burn my fingers - it's that good. She'll look out the door and question "Onyx?", and I'll just smile and nod as I continue my pleasurable experience. I've yet to waste a single draw on this one. For those that had a less than satisfying experience with this cigar, I suggest trying it again. All brands have a klunker every now and then, but I have yet to have one with the Onyx brand.
Timothy F. Farner in Alabama December 8, 2006
"Great Everyday Smoke"
I bought a box of these a few weeks ago. I'm very satisfied and would recommend these cigars to anyone. Excellent construction; it just feels good in your hand. I will say that when I plugged them, the draw was a little tight. I tried cutting one with a guillotine and it made all the difference in the world. Can't beat it for for the price.
Bbmcc in Houston, TX October 17, 2006
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10 Burn (86) 100
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10 Appearance (95) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (91) 100
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