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Onyx Reserve Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"a winner"
Very nice cigar, draw was a bit tight but not unacceptably so. Burn and taste were excellent. Considering the price, Onyx is one of the better choices out there if you are a maduro fan. I will be buying more.
Gary in Kentucky July 6, 2006
"Wonderful Taste-Wonderful Value!"
This has to be the best value in a premium cigar to date. Very good taste and very complex. Even burn with no bitterness at the end. It taste the same at the end as the beginning. You just can't beat this cigar at any price. Wonderful value for such a fine cigar. I always keep a box or two on hand!
Phillip White in Missouri,USA January 15, 2006
"New #1 Smoke in my Humidor"
Possibly the best cigar I have ever smoked. Surprisingly smooth start with a tantalizing finish. Had to really drill it with my punch to get a decent draw, but with that accomplished what a beautiful smoking experience. My humidor will from now on will be graced with Onyx Reserve!
Scott Williams in Colorado December 28, 2005
Ouch.....It sure is hard to type with burnt fingers. I took my rubusto well past the label and enjoyed every last second. I'm not going to label the taste as woodsy,creamy,leathery etc. but it was a great smoking experience for me. Somewhere between medium and full with a nice after-taste. I was expecting this but was pleasantly suprised at the even burn and easy draw. It was a single buy experience and hopfully the box I order tonight won't let me down.
MRKUPPY in LIVONIA, MI July 25, 2005
"good cigar"
Nice white ash. Medium to robust full flavors. No bite or bitterness. Good finish. Gets hard to draw when stale. One of the best when fresh out of the wrapper.
Pete Espeseth in Alaska June 20, 2005
"onyx reserve robusto"
wow! what a super cigar dig out a roach clip for this one you will want it never to end!
glen in pa May 26, 2005
"Worst cigar I ever purchased"
This was the worst cigar I ever purchased.It had a very unpleasant taste, uneven burn, hard draw, and would not stay lit. You get what you pay for, spend a little extra and enjoy your smoke.
Leonard Kulaszewicz in Shelby Township, Michigan December 19, 2003
"Very enjoyable"
Have only been smoking cigars for about two months and have tried numerous different brands from sampler packs and have come to like medium to full bodied smokes. This one was disappointing at first because it started out very mild, but developed nicely about a third of the way down. I detected a taste of pencil lead like you would smell in a pencil grinder; quite nice I thought. It was a bit firm on the draw, but after massaging it a bit, it started to open up. The ash was about two and a half inches long before dropping off and was quite firm and white. Had no problem at all keeping it lit and it burned evenly all the way down to the nub. Will definitely have several of these on hand in my humidor for a nice change of pace.
Paul V. Meginnes in N. Little Rock , AR August 28, 2003
"EXCELLENT flavor, but...tight draw and thin smoke"
After reading all about this highly rated maduro, I had to give it a try. Bought one from a local shop and let it age in the humidor for 2 months before trying. This cigar is all about the flavor--a deep, rich flavor with strong tones of dark chocolate and espresso. Very tasty!The other aspects of the cigar were good as well. The construction was top notch, the aroma of the cigar was "interesting", the appearance was inviting, burn was even, the ash was tight, and the cigar was conistently firm throughout. However, have to take away points on the thinness of the smoke (I like lots of smoke) and the draw was a bit tight. Had to relight several times, but at least the burn was even and not to one side. But, the flavor more than made up for those minor inconvienences, so I bought a box. If you're looking for FLAVOR and don't mind a slightly tight draw and a bit of babying for the cigar, Onyx is a cigar you shouldn't pass up.
Da Man in Somewhere in Time August 15, 2003
"Onyx Reserve Robusto/ Great Smoke"
This is a terrific woody smoke. I told my wife that I could hardly put it down. The construction is very good, although I had to re-light on occasion to keep the burn even. It was well worth the effort. I had to keep pushing the ring farther and farther to the cap because I could not put it down. Can you get too much of a good thing?
Greg in Tennessee December 31, 2002
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10 Construction (91) 100
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