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Onyx Reserve Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Unique & worth a try"
The first time I smoked one of these guys about a year and a half ago I hated it. Too strong. The second time I smoked one, I still didn't much care for it. I now think that these are something of an acquired taste, and they are probably not for everyone. Very full bodied and full flavored. Now that I've been smoking cigars for more than a few years, the best way to describe these would be if cubans came with broadleaf Maduro wrappers, they'd taste like an Onyx. Best enjoyed after a big fat meal. Good smoke for the price
RS in Columbus, OH January 7, 2006
"Powerfully Smooth and Mellow"
The Onyx Reserve Toro is a relatively enjoyable full bodied cigar that is <B>Packcd</B> with flavors of coffee, cream, rich chocolate and sweet spices that tingle the pallet. The smoke is relatively clean and invigorating with hints of coffe, leather and cream. A very enjoyable and flavorful full bodied cigar with a powerful and full bodied finish that is <B>Packed</B> with flavors of rich espresso coffe, cream and sweet spices. Like having the worlds <B>finest</B> cafe Capana; superbly smooth and powerful!
Brian White in Vallejo, CA July 13, 2005
What a bargain! This is a beautiful, smooth yet complex, consistant med-full bodied smoke and so affordable! These have become a regular stand-by in my humidor.
PB in Boston June 14, 2005
"Hard to beat"
An even burn, full and creamy smoke, firm construction, and a dark chocolaty appearance that suggests it's good enough to eat make this near-premium cigar an excellent choice at a reasonable price.
Brian U. in Harrisburg, PA February 6, 2005
"Very good smoke"
This, by far, was one of the best cigars I have ever tasted. The draws were smooth, the taste was great, it burned evenly, and never got hot. I enjoyed this cigar all the way down to the last draw. I will defiantly be buying a box of these in the near future.
Jason Estes in Elma, Washington August 22, 2004
"one of the world's best"
this is one of the finest cigars ever made, and i've tried hundreds of them. all of the onyx are superb, but this one stands out as the leader of the pack. rich, creamy, chocolaty, bursting with flavor, the right amount of spice and a heavenly aroma that fills any room with pure cigar pleasure. i've never had a bad or a bitter one. this is my desert island cigar. for the money there is nothing like onyx. i shouldn't say too many good things about it, otherwise there will be a run on them and the supplies will run low. bravo onyx and to famous for their ample supply and fair prices of them!
m. b. in chicago August 5, 2004
"A very good cigar for the money."
Draw is a bit tight and the burn is not very even.
Robert Gulluscio in The Colony, TX June 24, 2004
"One of my all time favorites"
Great cigar. I enjoy the smooth taste. This is one for a Sunday afternoon on the patio. Relaxing flavor combined with draw and good looks makes this one of my favorites. Just a note for Seattle, keep your humidor above 74 humidity and 72degree temp.and you'll enjoy a good cigar for what its really worth. Here's a tip. Spend the money on a humidor. You'll have it for a lifetime and its cargo is valuable.
Tokin' Joe in New Jersey March 30, 2004
"God Blessed us with Onyx"
Very Sweet but a bit green smelling when my Toro's arrived. The unlit armoma reminded me of Lancaster leaf chewing tobacco. I quickly took the sticks out of the cello and rested them for 2 months in my humidor. After sampling 4 of these black gems, I concluded that my humidor should never be without one again. The smoke has a sweet cedar armoa. The smooth taste of licorice gives way to dark chocolate down the stick and the finish could only be explained as flavor packed almond toffee.
Tabac Mack in Omak, WA. February 3, 2004
"Great Cigar priced right"
These rate with the best I have ever had and 3 bucks ! They taste great, burn well, draw fine, and each one is the same. Hard to top at any price.
Carl McLaren in Florida November 10, 2003
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