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Padilla Connecticut Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Had Better"
Was told at the shop that this was an awesome cigar. For the guy that sold it to me it probably was. As for me, it s not something I would buy again. Macanudos are much better.
Mike in Virginia March 17, 2014
Last stick had too tight draw. Solid Connie but I'm till open to alternatives.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 9, 2014
"Very Good"
Performs consistently. Mellow wood and hay flavors throughout, sweet on the finish, and showing soft white pepper on the retrohale. Would have preferred a little more creaminess on the body, but this is solid. Like it seems to be the case with most Padillas I've tried, this is ready to go and doesn t need aging in fact, one stick performed less stellar after I removed the cellophane and let it hang in the humidor . Could be a little more tightly packed, but the burn is excellent and the draw is perfect through a punch hole.
Stefan in City by thr Bay December 18, 2013
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