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Padilla Reserva Reviews

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Padilla Reserva Torpedo
"Expected more..."
It s a really nice cigar, but honestly I expected more from the brand and the price...
Vasil in CA June 2, 2014
Padilla Reserva Nub
"Currently the most potent stick from Padilla"
The La Reserva line uses a potent filler, which becomes evident when comparing the 60 Nub to the more tame 54 Torpedo. Started off with a blast of pepper which then dialed down a quarter of an inch in, 15 minutes later, revealing more sweet wood in the background and leaving notes of walnuts on the aftertaste. Burned for over an hour and a half.
Stefan in City by the Bay April 5, 2014
Padilla Reserva Nub
"Best consumed fresh"
Almost four months after first opening the box, these nubs seem to be now past their prime and loosing their intensity.
Stefan in City by the Bay March 22, 2014
Padilla Reserva Nub
"Between love and toleration"
Three months after purchasing a box and while on my last three sticks, I m still on the fence about these. The tobacco is excellent but the flavor profile is not always consistent and it seems to be highly susceptible to changes in humidity levels. Also, the San Andreas wrapper has been overshadowing the filler for most of the time to the extent where its flavor can be too much on the palate on the next morning. I also miss the nuttiness of the Habanos -- need to get some more of those next. 90-91 points overall
Stefan in City by the Bay March 6, 2014
Padilla Reserva Nub
"Brazilian and macademia nuts"
After five weeks in the original box these started becoming too dry so I transferred the remaining stogies to a humidor. Four weeks later the smoke is outstanding, with the darkness of the San Andreas wrapper taking a back seat now and allowing the nuttiness of the filler to shine. 92+ points.
Stefan in City by the Bay February 19, 2014
Padilla Reserva Nub
Am having one as a nightcap tonight and I'm glad I bought a box. The Oliva factory did an outstanding job rolling these -- always consistent. Enough pepper on the retrohale to be satisfying. Flavors of wood and caramel, and that recognizable San Andreas leaf. Personally, I much prefer this to either the Fuente Hemingway or the Oliva V Melanio. And the nub size is perfect. Just don't smoke it all the way to the nub, or the dark flavors of the wrapper will haunt you through the next day.
Stefan in City by the Bay December 31, 2013
Padilla Reserva Nub
"A solid 92+"
These are outstanding medium-to-full cigars that will be well received by both new and experienced smokers. Showing flavors of fresh wood and cocoa nibs, and charred wood and very slight white pepper on the retrohale. Sweet cocoa on the finish. Medium+ nicotine. Smokes consistently to the very end. After smoking five of these I m getting tired of the flatness of the San Andreas binder and would like a little bit of a Don Pepin-like zing. Construction and burn are outstanding, and the 4x60 size is perfect as a nightcap. I wish Padilla and Don Pepin would join forces -- that would make one extraordinary stick!
Stefan in City by the Bay December 19, 2013
Padilla Reserva Torpedo
"Great cigar"
Fantastic burn, not overly high in nicotine, with solid flavors of earth, Brazilian nuts, and of coffee liqueur, the latter one which remained throughout. My first Padilla, and the best cigar I have sampled from Oliva yet (most of the other ones in the Oliva Early Summer's sample were junk).
Stefan in City by the Bay October 10, 2013
Padilla Reserva Toro
"Not for the faint!"
This guy is a powerhouse. Perfect burn and draw, nice wrapper. Flavors start off strong and very good. Don t smoke on an empty stomach! Mine was full and it still kicked my butt. Can t wait to try more.
Drudog21 in VA May 17, 2013
Amilcar Perez Castro
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