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Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Corona Reviews [view details]

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I cannot say how perfect this cigar is. It's worth the money and time finding it. The draw is silky smooth, the taste screams premium tobacco, caramel, dried fruit, and pure goodness. I just can't believe how much I've been missing by not smoking this sooner. It's good til the last 1/2 inch. Just buy it already along with a bottle of Glemorangie and you will experience euphoria.
Greg in Lincoln , NE July 31, 2013
"One of the finest ever"
I have smoked two of these. One about six months age and one two days ago. There are a few GREAT cigars out there and this is one of them. If you want spend the money on a special cigar, this is the one! Pretty much perfect all the way around.
Ed in San Miguel de Allende Mexico September 25, 2012
"Gave these out when my youngest son was born"
Always consistent and incredibly flavorful - I always have some in the humidor for special friends
Sean in Pennsylvania August 29, 2012
"Nothin' but the Best"
These couldn't be any better unless they were made in "Cuban Corona" (5 5/8" x 46 ring) size. One of my four humidors is devoted to only Padron Anniversary (Maduro) cigars. Strong, smooth, and complex, Padron anniversary cigars are quite simply, the best on the planet. I've smoked many Cubans, and some of them were quite good (some weren't!) but not one of them could possibly replace these amazing smokes as the cigar that I go to when I want something truly spectacular. Hard to find, and rather pricey when you do, these smokes are worth twice the price. Smoke a Blue or Black label Graycliff first (much more expensive) then one of these, and you'll NEVER look back. Kudos to FSS for having the best box price I've ever seen!
Dean in Bradford July 5, 2008
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