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Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Exclusivo Reviews [view details]

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"The perfect maduro stick"
This was the first PadrĂ³n stick I ever had and it blew my mind! Amazing rich flavor beginning to end. The maduro wrapper has lots of nutty creamy flavors on the finish. Always burns evenly and puts off tons of thick creamy smoke. Every smoker should give this stick a try at least once! Flavor: 9/10 Construction: 10/10 Draw: 10/10
Frankie in New York, NY June 7, 2013
"Excellent cigar"
I've been smoking cuban cigars all the time and this year I went to LA. Since cuban cigars are banned in the USA I asked for a cigar that will be good substitute for cubans. Among few other cigars I got few of those Padrons and I was really amazed how they good are ! Some of the best cigars I ever had - I will definitely get more of those.
kresimir in August 20, 2012
"Not sure I get the hype"
Don't get all the hype this stoge gets. I've had much better cigars for a little more than half the price. Yes, the burn was great...yes, it was consistent...yes, the draw was good. However the taste was off (second one in a row). Had other Padron's of lesser cost that were much better. Won't buy again at this price point.
MJC in OS, MS April 1, 2011
"Well worth the money"
The smoke is thick and creamy and effortlessly billows with a light draw. It has been a while since I last smoked one, but if memory serves, the profile consisted of slightly varying notes, from very subtle to prominent, and ranging from coffee and leather, to toasted caramel, cocoa powder, nuts and spiced wood. I'll be honest. It isn't my favorite cigar. Certain palates prefer different things, but if you smoke this cigar and don't enjoy it, you have no business referring to yourself as a cigar smoker. This can be a lengthy and enjoyable smoke. If you can spend the time to savor this cigar, it will reward you. For me, it would need to be something I was "in the mood for." Bottom line: Excellent, and best reserved for a special occassion.
Bryan in CA January 17, 2011
"a soothing tasteful cigar"
Take your finest scotch and sit down and light one of these. A great cigar. I just smoke my last 1 of a box of 25. Every cigar had a perfect burn and an excellant taste right down to the end. I usually do not smoke maduros however I cant think of trying the natural wrapper as these are just so good. I will be buying another box rather soon.
jim in united states October 28, 2009
Simply the best cigar ever, WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Steve D in Ohio July 9, 2009
"find a roach clip, better than sex"
have had direct access to cubans for years. No need for it anymore. The 64's and 26's are all i need. Also, smoke a 80 year anniv. 1926 the other day and there aren't words to describe how good it was!!!!!!!!!!!
lee in orlando fl February 14, 2009
"Consistancy is the key !!"
Who needs Cubans, there is nothing finer, the whole line is tremendous !!
Ken V in Maine September 8, 2008
"Awesome Baby"
Very nice SMOKE the best I have had!
Danny in Asheville NC August 8, 2008
"Watch your fingers"
This is without question the best cigar I have ever had. I may be biased since I love the Padron line, but the exclusivo is phenominal to say the least. This full bodied beauty delivers a complex cornocopia filled smoke that is velvety smooth. I took the band off(which I never do) and sipped it down until there was about an inch left. I went out the next day and bought the last three they had. Excellent cigar for the experienced and the firt timers. Don't let the price scare you. Better to smoke a fantastic 15 dollar cigar than 3 five dollar cigars. When is the sale.
John in Easton March 3, 2007
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10 Construction (97) 100
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