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Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Pyramide Reviews [view details]

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Bought a box for my 50th birthday....I dont think I will be able to go back to my daily cigars..I'm hooked...all I can say is WOW!!!! what a cigar...far above the OpusX and the God of Fire its almost hard to believe. Yes, they are not cheap..but they are worth every puff
Mike in Ellensburg, Wa. March 5, 2009
"If you have the money this is the cigar."
My wife bought these for valentines day once back in 2006. The smell was so good, my 7 year old son followed me everywhere I went so he could smell it. My wife bought some again just a few days ago for my b-day and, believe it or not, 2 years later my son was again at my side enjoying this smoke with me. The greatest cigar on the planet. Obviously not my everyday smoke due to price but AWESOME for special occasions. Just ask my 9 year old.
Rob C in Allen, TX May 14, 2008
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10 Taste (98) 100
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10 Construction (98) 100
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