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Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Reviews

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Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Exclusivo
"thank god it came in a sampler!"
“Received several in a sampler pack and aged them in one of my four hummi s for several months. I usually stock enough in my 4 hummi s to allow for this aging. Anyway, the smoke was nice, I would say it was a very light med thru the entire stick. Nothing really complex about it. I would of gave it a solid 3 star rating out of 5 which is good coming from me ,, but at this price- NO WAY!!! and with an inventory of Oliva V series Melanio under eight bucks/stk just absolute heaven , or the figardo s,,,La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor awesome! , Flor de las Antillas it s like smoking velvet! This is some of my 5 stars,,, 4 stars some -Nica rustica wow-wow! , Torano Exodus 1959 maduro box press, Perdomo 20th anniversary/ or the Champagne NIOR incredible-INCREDIBLE flavors , Alec Bradley Prensado just perfection ,Alec Bradly Tempus,, just to name some for the point. All these other cigars are over half the cost of the padron,, I had to dip back into the hummi for something of real value after smoking the padron. Yes, smooth, yes nice burn, yes, yes but severely LACKING any type of flavor..just a real-real light smoke. And if that s what I wanted, I could of pulled out one of my low cost Nica Libre s- AGED for 3 months Must age , better enjoyment all around for under three bucks!!.So to those out there that want a real test?.... smoke this padron, then follow up with an Oliva V melanio,, and then write your review. I m telling you, for the money, even try the perdomo 20th anniversary or the prensado,,as a rating gauge!!! THEN, maybe you will see what 4-5 star cigars are like. You will forget the padron s!”
gary in helena April 4, 2014
Padron 1964 Anniversary No. 4
I have never had a cigar with such a smooth draw and such exquisite taste. Get a few of these. You will not be sorry!
Patrick in Campbell, OH December 6, 2013
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Diplomatico
"Awful!! Good, that is!!"
My daughter got me this vitola for my birthday. Have yet to get a bad 1964. If you had a bad experience, then something was wrong. The quality of this cigar needs care in preparing, can't hurry these. This 7x50 took me over the 2 hr mark, gotta savor these. The quality of these super premiums is off the charts. No sense in trying to explain it, these are for people who can appreciate only the finest. Happy Smoking!
Marty in Chicago June 20, 2013
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Torpedo
"None Better"
The only bad thing bout these is they are too good. I like so many others, but I LOVE these. I seem to look for any special occasion to justify to myself why I should buy them. Pricey? Sure, but theres a reason Flavor, construction, aroma, and all the other stuff. When I see a negative review, I gotta think you bought a counterfeit, cuz these are off the charts. Happy Smoking!
Marty in Chicago June 20, 2013
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Imperial 5 Pack
"Yum Yum!!! Great Draw"
I smoke em' with Scotch they are so smooth. The best.
Hal hicks in New Jersey March 10, 2013
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Monarca
Absolutely perfect! Spice, caramel, nutty, delicious. The aroma off the foot is sweet. This cigar fills the mouth with thick, chewy smoke. Every draw is just heaven! Treat yourself to a five pack, have one ROTT, and let the others rest a while...this is Christmas wrapped in a mellow, smooth creamy bouquet of flavor!
Rich in Indiana, Pa. October 3, 2012
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural A
"Mildly flavored to perfection"
I personally enjoyed this cigar. The burn was razor sharp and the draw was perfect. I was especially surprised at that since it is such a long smoke. There are a variety of flavors within the cigar. You can't really taste all of it at once and each puff will bring you a brand new taste from time to time. What stood out was the pepper. It is also earthy, leathery, and sweet in some parts. I enjoyed how smooth the smoke was and how creamy the cigar was. Not worth the price to me though, I'd probably grab a nice Opus X over one of these. Still a very good smoke if you like something milder with a lot of flavors!
Jason in Los Angeles August 17, 2012
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural A
"Get a 1926 80 or Family Reserve 45 instead"
I recently picked up 1 of these and also a Series A maduro. Both were absolute rubbish. Terrible construction and quality control issues such as a large rip in the wrapper that was partially 'patched' by the roller. Worst of all both cigars were disgustingly bitter. Tasted like they had spent a week or two in the trunk of a car in a Las Vegas parking lot in July. Trust the low rating and avoid. Try the 1926 80 or the Family Reserve 45 which are similar in price and both incredible sticks.
Karl B in Sammamish, WA July 30, 2012
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Principe
"Creamy Butter Bomb"
A small cigar with plenty of smoking time up to an hour. Buttery to toasty and nutty. Thick volumes of smoke for its size thick enough to chew it. My first 64..and a nice intro..super draw and nice and compact. Surprised.
Chris in Milwaukee February 8, 2012
Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Diplomatico
"The best Padron for the money!"
The best 1964 Anniversary Padron made! Excellent taste throughout the entire smoke.
Chris in Milwaukee February 8, 2012 November 12, 2011
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