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Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"None Better"
The only bad thing bout these is they are too good. I like so many others, but I LOVE these. I seem to look for any special occasion to justify to myself why I should buy them. Pricey? Sure, but theres a reason Flavor, construction, aroma, and all the other stuff. When I see a negative review, I gotta think you bought a counterfeit, cuz these are off the charts. Happy Smoking!
Marty in Chicago June 20, 2013
"Extraordinary Price -- Extraordinary Cigar"
If you're like me and make only the occassional foray into top of the line cigars...and, have often been disappointed in the results, the Padron Anniversario's are a consistent winner in the double digit stick sweepstakes. I've found that most of the very expensive/rare/critically acclaimed sticks cater to the full flavor and strength aficionados. Such sticks will sometimes point my eyeballs to the back of my skull. The Anniversario's are rated as "full flavor" but will please those with less challenging palate's with their amazing consistency, "best-ever" draw, complex flavors --- and, they wont put us "medium" guys on our butts. This is an expensive cigar that always smokes like an expensive cigar -- you wont feel cheated.
Kramer in Catonsville, MD January 23, 2009
"Not worththe moneyh"
I recently purchased the Padron Aniversarion Torpedo and was frankly very disappointed.The cigar lacked character, taste or effect. I'm glad I only purchased a sampler (5pk). For $15.00 per stick, I could have had any number of Cuban cigars that are far superior in every respect to this cigar. If you are considering this cigar, stop and consider the Cuban Montecristo #2 or the Bolivar Belicosos Fino, or even the Cohiba Siglo VI. This cigar is a decent 3.00 cigar.
clovis kerr in california January 5, 2009
"Simply Superb"
I knew these were going to be good, but I was not so sure they would be the best I have smoked. Without letting my son in law know what I was smoking, I properly lit the foot and while it began to give off a little smoke, it drifted toward Kevin and he stated 'that sure smells good, it smells like peach'. I then took a long slow draw producing copious smoke that was pure delight. For the next hour it remained unchanged. I agree with Kevin. There was a noted aroma of peach with a very pure delightfull tobacco aroma. Long finish with no bitterness whatsoever. Construction is excellent, wrapper somewhat delicate. Burn very even until the last third. Draw is perfect and the amount of smoke was very full throughout. I still have some Cuban Cohibas in the humi, and finished a Cuban Romeo recently. The '64 takes a back seat to neither of these two. These will be smoked for special occassions or on a perfect summer evening as last night. I remember a reviewer stating that this should only be accompanied with water to appreciate the taste. I could not disagree more. I had mine with an aged Tawny Port and it complimented the Anniversario perfectly. Looking forward the the rest of them. Yes they are spendy. Save them for those perfect smoking moments. I'm sure you will agree with me, this is one of the all time bests.
Jeff in Klamath Falls, OR May 16, 2008
"If you want the best"
If you want to smoke the best dont look anywhere else
Emerson Alvarez in FL October 19, 2006
"Outstanding Cigar!!"
This must be the finest cigar I've ever had. Excellent draw, very smooth, and stayed lit for a good hour and 30 minutes. No bitterness towards the end either. Definitely the cigar for only the finest occasions. I wish they cost a lot less though, but the high quality is certainly worth the occasional "splurge" to treat yourself.
Nater in SC June 29, 2002
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10 Construction (96) 100
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