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Padron 2000 Reviews [view details]

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"babe magnet"
Had one today. Solid construction, full flavor. Toward the end it wanted to go out too easily. But that's what the matches are for. Only Mo or his brother, Ron, would complain about such. The label does not say where it's made. Once I discovered it was Cuban seed from Nicaragua, it tasted even better. Nicaragua is making the best cigars in the world these days. I'm not throwing out my Dominicans, but the humidor will be adding a box of Padron ASAP.
Jake Y in Anderson, SC December 7, 2007
What a nice smoke. I do not know why these are so cheap they are unreal.
Dave in Sydney Au December 31, 2006
"Very tasty cigar"
I really enjoy these. Very, very good
Ken in Jacksonville, FL August 1, 2006
"a complete cracker (thats american i think?)"
now these knock those average Olor smokes into a cocked_hat. padron's are what i expected from the USA. a pleasure on 80% of the time. I wont mention the other 20% as they were poor quality.
roy.r in UK June 29, 2006
The first few of these I tried were very harsh. Of course, they were among the first cigars that I smoked. I was very impressed with the last one I smoked as it has been 8 months since i started to smoke cigars regularly.
Michael A. Palmer in May 26, 2006
"A very nice cigar.............."
A very nice cigar. Not cheap but a good value. It's well made with an easy draw and it burns even. Has a nice woody flavor with a hint of coffee that lasts right through to the finish. I've started keeping these around for those evenings after dinner when I retire to the patio with my guitar and a cold drink.
Manny Gomez in Nevada April 28, 2006
"Had me one of them there Padrons and it was great!"
I smoked one of these at work the other night and it was great! I consider it to be on the full side of medium. Very good flavor and aroma. I would say, 9 out of 10. I went and picked up a few more today first thing! I would keep a box on hand for sure!!
Karl in Kansas City December 28, 2004
"Good, but..."
Got this one as part of a sample pack. Started out great! Medium bodied in flavor, lots of smoke, very easy draw, even burn, good construction, and excellent flavor with definite coffee and chocolate flavors. But, somewhere between 1/2 way and 2/3 of the way through, it went out! Disappointing, especially since it was turning out to be a great cigar. I'll have to give it another go before truly making my mind up...hopefully the next time it won't go out!
E. Castro in Hampton, VA March 9, 2003
"A Really Good Smoke"
The 2000 Maduro is a Full flavor, mild cigar with a good finish. These had an even burn with a nice ash. For the price, they earn a permenant spot in my humidor.
scubaroyster in Keller, TX February 18, 2003
"Nice smoke"
Consistant and flavorful. A little overpriced compared to some of the competition.
Dr. Turd in Shoreline,CT June 19, 2002
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