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Padron 2000 Reviews [view details]

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"Very, very nice"
This is a great cigar, especially for the money. It burned evenly and had a nice draw. The draw was almost too loose, but offered lots of creamy smoke. This is great beginners cigar that would also be appreciated by experienced smokers. A superior cigar.
Tom in Chicago July 6, 2008
A couple of days ago in the evening I lit one up, all excited to smoke a part of the tradition... It wasn´t really a looker, but still decent looking stick. Kind of rustic looking with great cold smell. Cold draw was a bit loose as the stick was a bit underfilled, but still not bad. Lighting was easy and the smoke was abundant. But the taste was a great letdown. Sure, nutty and spicy at first, but after half an inch, it changed to papery taste with light spice and tobacco taste that stayed till the end. No complaints in the strenght department. Overall assesment: Maybe was a dud... Will smoke a few more and let you know...
Robert in Slovenia, Europe February 7, 2008
"Very Nice"
WOW! Very nice smoke. Cool draw until the end. A hint of spice throughout. Very mild after taste. My new favorite smoke.
Rich in Virginia August 12, 2007
"It's the best"
I've smoked many of these for awhile now and I can't recall a bad one. They smell good and smoke even. Easiest draw you'll find with a great taste and obvious chocolate overtones. Very nice smoke - can't miss.
Daryle in California July 6, 2007
"MY CIGAR - What Can I Say"
GREAT SMOKE! This and the 3000 are the measure of a cigar for me. The wrappers are thick, oily and stay intact. Go ahead and finger roll. Great cocoa and chocolate taste as advertised and mentioned repeatedly by others. Taste, in as much as complexity, is THE BEST. Draw is so perfect. I've smoked too many to count and every one is just as good as the last... Padron Cigars get Cigar Mag cudos like no other brand. Before I tried'em I wondered what was going on. No wonder, while they may not be the prettiest I give them out without hesitation and know friends are in for a treat!
Stinky in St. Petersburg, Florida May 31, 2007
"Great Everyday Smoke"
This is one of my go-to cigars. Exceptional flavor for the price. Yes, the 1964 and 1926 cigars are better but look at the price difference. Those are for special occasions, like your son managed to graduate. The 2000 has great draw, peppery taste giving way to cedar and cocoa. Have never been disappointed by one yet
Gregg in Concord, NH March 3, 2007
"Better than most but?."
The Padron 2000 has a terrific draw, a real tobacco taste, but no surprises. It is a great everyday cigar for the price. The appearance is a dark and luscious wrapper. However, The construction is very inconsistent…unraveling wrappers and cigars that have to be re-lit from time to time are the greatest of problems. Overall this cigar is above average but not in the A-category. If you want the best of Padron, you should definitely go with a 1964 or 1926 series. Don’t cut yourself short just to save a few bucks.
J. Dunn in Tennessee November 1, 2006
"Not really impressed"
This is the 1st Padron I've ever had and I really wasn't that impressed. It's a great looking great smoking and well made cigar, there was just nothing that really stood out to me as far as flavor. It had a very bland taste. I have two more Padron's in my box and I will not hessittae to give them a shot though.
Brian Schroeder in So Cal October 12, 2006
"Pure Smoking Bliss"
This is the type of cigar that reminds me why I enjoy smoking cigars so much. Beautiful to look at, a pleasure to smell and hold, and a dream to smoke. Plus, they're more than ready to smoke right out of the box. No need for extra aging here. Tons of deep, "earthy" Nicaraguan flavor, but without any harshness. Nice volume of smoke, good even burn (with occasional relight), I can smoke almost any Padron cigar down to a nub. At Famous Smoke's prices, I plan to always have a ready supply of Padron in my humidor. A truly high class cigar at an everyday man's price.
Jason in Ohio December 1, 2005
"Favorite maduro -- by a longshot!"
Being new to cigars, I bought box of Onyx Reserves and Famous Smoke's Maduro sampler. The Onyx Reserve did not draw well. Of all the maduros, the Padron 2000 was my favorite--great taste, good construction, and full draw. I bought a box of the Padron 2000, had one with a glass of scotch (neat, of course), and I was reminded why I love the Padron 2000. I even smoked it down to the ring; it was that good.
Joshua D in Washington, DC September 30, 2005
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