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""Good for the money?" A great smoke, period."
Other reviews I've read say it's a good cigar for the money, good everyday smoke, etc. It's a great cigar period, and I am very pleased with it. I will continue to buy. Not good with describing tastes like cofffe, leather, chocolate, etc. But it does have a a very complex taste that changes in different phases of your draw. It is excellent, I fantasize about actually pulling one out during the work day and smoking it right where I am.
Jake in Eastern PA October 2, 2012
Like all Padron cigars, it is simply fantastic. Cannot be beat at this price point.
Adam in Salt Lake City November 14, 2011
This Padron 2000 is not so pretty as some higher priced cigars but is tasty and smooth. It's stronger than mild but mild cigar smokers will find this easy to smoke. I enjoyed it down as far as it could go. TONS of smoke in this cigar, too. All cigars should have this kind of smoke. Flavors notes I detected were carmel, nuts, pepper, and coffee. Lots of creamy nuttiness.
Bandy in Midwest November 4, 2011
"EXCELLENT" A wonderful Cigar, I Enjoy a Maduro every Tuesday night with a glass of vintage port.. "PADRON" ALWAYS GREAT.
H.R. in Jersey.. August 23, 2011
"Great smoke for the price"
This is a really good smoke for the price. I have never had a problem with a Padron cigar, I have probably only smoked 20 or so Padrons but the cigars I have smoked have been great, and this one is no exception. Great burn, effortless draw, and flavorful smoke.
Brandon in Kalamazoo July 19, 2011
"Great Value"
These are just a great Gar for the money. No major weaknesses. Great burn, draw, and taste. Yes the 1964 Aniv. is better but 2x as good. The 64 is 2x the price of the 2000 Maduro. These cigars are just a great value.
K. Goans in Wilsonville, Or December 3, 2010
"Another "perfect 10" Padron"
What a great cigar. No need to do a detailed review of this one. Doesn't get any better than this. Full, lots of smoke, creamy: a real treat.
RD in Atlanta February 6, 2010
"Consistent Quality"
I like variety so I smoke a lot of different cigars. I am always in search of the perfect cigar. Unfortunately, often times I am dissapointed by poor construction, tough draw, and bitter taste even on expensive cigars. Whenever I take a Padron out to smoke, I know it will be the same perfect quality almost every time. Smooth, easy draw. Great complexities of flavor. I smoke them down to the nub every time. I got the last box signed by all of the Padrons (and there are a lot of them) at an event. I told them they have the best cigars on the market and it is true. You can't go wrong with a Padron!
Len B in NH November 2, 2009
"Superb Everyday Cigar. Smooth and Full"
The first few puffs of the Padron 2000 surprised me with a nice, open draw. Somewhat of an uneven burn with my first stick. Construction is very nice, by the way, as with virtually all Padrons. The first 1/3 was delightful, with thick smoke, and a full, robust coffee and cocoa flavor. I detected a trace of caramel in the aroma. I find myself constantly sniffing at this cigar, enjoying fully the sweet and aromatic aroma. This is a burn your fingers cigar, with a very smooth finish. Not a long-burner, but superb from start to finish.
Steven in West Palm Beach, FL December 20, 2008
"#1 Maduro"
I have tried dozens upon dozens of maduros and keep coming back to Padron. Purchased a box after I smoked my first one. Nothing like it!
K O'G in Mass August 21, 2008
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