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"Perfect: thick smoke, great taste, long lasting"
This is my first cigar review and I just had to because this cigar sets the bar for me. Its construction is quite sturdy but it looks and feels great at the same time. As soon as I lit it up it delivered with thick smoke and a powerful flavor. Tingles the taste-buds but doesn't overpower them, you can still taste many different notes. It burned for a very long time, I lit it up on _three_ separate occasions. The draw is smooth and easy but the cigar is still pretty dense. If I were to force myself to say something that could have been better, it burned unevenly at around the 30% mark. But that's probably because I puffing on it too fast. I smoked it down to about half an inch! HIGHLY recommended.
Daniel in Dallas, TX July 27, 2013
"Draw and flavor are great"
I've been smoking Padrons for several years now and I have to say that they are one of the few handmade cigars out there that do not draw too tightly. That's a good thing in my book, as most cigars have fine tobacco but are always too tight. Second, the aging and treatment of these tobaccos results in an absolutely wonderful flavor, natural or maduro. Having said these good things, I do have to echo what another poster wrote that the consistency has seemed to go down hill over the last year or so. And the price has gone way way up. We all hope that this stick remains true to its original formula of limited production, high quality and reasonable prices.
Rick in Portland June 5, 2012
"Flavor ok draw terrible"
The flavor wasn't bad but the draw was terrible. There was no resistance it was like sucking on an empty straw. The cigar was also somewhat soft and inconsistent in flavor
Charlie in Boston May 29, 2012
"Little Disapponited Lately"
I have somked these for years, but I gotta say the last two boxes I bought have been average at best. Taste is lacking, burn littl e in consistent and just mediocre for the price you pay. I ve been a fan for so long, but I am switching as of now. Sorry Padron.
Rick in Glendora, CA August 21, 2010
"Just like the add says"
This cigar smokes just like the add says...The first few hits on this cigar were alittle ruff...The true enjoyment of this cigar,comes at the end...Strong hits of coffee and cocoa...This was my first time trying one of these cigars...good cigar..but i would not pay the price for a box of these...alittle over priced
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 21, 2008
"Pound for Pound Champ"
Without a doubt, the P3K is the pound for pound champ of the cigar world when you consider the wallet, taste, time and overall smoking experience. Never a bad stick in any Padron batch... From Delicias to the P5Ks that I smoke - never plugged, terrific cocoa coffee taste with hints of wood roasted nuts in the background... plumes of smoke, smooth easy draw... If you've got time and an extra buck or two, the P5K or even the P4K are also terrific.... Suggest Naturals over Maduros on all Padrons, however... imo, Maduro wrapper tends to overpower the binder and filler at times, while the Natural complements perfectly.
Tony M in Williamstown, NJ March 16, 2008
"My favorite"
With price considered, the Padron 3000 natural is my all-time favorite #1 go-to smoke. This Nicaraguan puro has strong earth tones along with a long cocoa and coffee finish. If you love the taste of great tobacco, this is your smoke.
Steve S in Woodbury, CT February 21, 2008
"dont be fooled by the apperance,it's a great smoke"
At first glance the cigar looked messy, roll wasnt quite even, but the maduro wrapper had a good oily sheen, draw was great, burn was even. pre light scent reminded me of a horse stall... meaning hickory wood and hay. the taste was of coffee bean and coacoa it was smooth and held 3" of ash before falling off, the construction of the 5000 is much better so if your not concerned with a good looking cigar go for the 3000, or 2000 siries, because the tobacco for the maduros is exclent, rivals cigars cossting 3x the 3 dollar price tag.
BIG-A Boyd in Charlottesville VA January 24, 2008
"Very good, full-bodied smoke, but inconsistent"
I tried both the natural and maduro--both wrappers were superb, but the tobacco flavor was very inconsistent for both. It was VERY tasty at times, rather harsh at other times. I find Te-Amo to be similar, just slightly milder, and more consistent overall--a better value.
Jerry in Connecticut May 30, 2007
"One of the best."
Fine cigar, one of the best. Well worth the price. Construction, burn quality, and flavor put this smoke in the top three of the under $6 cigars. Highly recommended.
fitzsmoke in Oregon June 13, 2006
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