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Padron 5000 Reviews [view details]

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"Padron 5000 Revisited"
I recently purchased a box of Padron 5000 Maduro. I have also purchased several 5 packs of both Natural and Maduro. Famous Smoke Shop has sent me cigars in top condition. For those of you that have not smoked these cigars you are missing a real treat. It is amazing how consistent they are from cigar to cigar. The draw, aroma and taste are exceptional. Over the years I have learned the draw of many cigars is an obstacle for enjoying them. But the Padron 5000 draw allows for the full appreciation of the cigar. It is definitely the real deal.
James in Cranberry Twp October 27, 2008
"Unbelievable Cigar"
Simply one of the best cigars that I have ever smoked. Can't wait until they are available again.
James in Cranberry Twp. September 4, 2008
"A typical, nice Padron"
The Padron 5000 maduro is a typical, excellent Padron. This guy has a 56 ring gauge which may be too big for some smokers (myself included). However, it burns very well and has a nice draw. The flavors are earthy with a bit of spice. The spice is especially noticeable in the final 1/3 of the cigar. Although I prefer the 2000 and 3000 series, this is still a superior cigar that I wouldn't hesitate to smoke.
Tom in Chicago July 6, 2008
"padron 5000"
I have smoked 6 of these so far over the last month or so.. the consistency is noticable.. every one smokes exactly the same.. the draw is unbelievable! very nice! in my opinion.. it comes on a but strong and harsh at first but then mellows and i end up smoking it until it burns my fingers wishing it would last a bit longer.. I plan to smoke many more of these.
Rick in OKC May 14, 2008
"Too Strong For My Taste..."
I didnot care much for this cigar...Every Padron i have tried, have a very overpowering taste...If you like a Overpowering cigar...Look no further you found it!!!!
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 26, 2008
"High quality in every respect"
I usually smoke Camacho El-Legendario Berthas and CAO Brazillia Amazons. The Padron is every bit the equal and at a nice price < $4 each. I like the aroma and get some earthiness along with coco and coffee. The draw is a little loose, but some humidor time fixes that right up. I smoke these right down to the nub! The 56 ring is great for giving complexity yet not so big as to be cumbersom. This cigar has nice medium flavor but no bitter aftertaste or bite. The 5 1/2 legenth is just right for about 35 - 40 minutes and is consistent start to finish. You can pay more for a premium, but I dont know why you would.
Andy Forrest in SC April 7, 2007
"Best Padron for the Money"
This cigar is the best Padron for the money. This is a good smooth smoke a little rough or course but very good. If you can swing it this is a great everyday smoke.
MR T in MId West October 4, 2006
"Absolutely a Great Cigar."
What a great cigar by Jose Padron. It is rich, bold and pleasant. Excellent and consistent draw. Beautiful cigar. It is a pleasure to smoke. I did not buy just 5, but 2 full boxes of them just in case. I have smoked some of them with friends and family and all of them praise these cigars.
Cris S. in Ann Arbor, Michigan July 13, 2006
"Doesn't take too many words!"
I don't want anyone to purchase this horrible smoke. I want them all for myself and want to keep the price down. You will die from this cigar, or at best have your tongue fall out. Thanks Padron for this life threatening cigar of unmatched quality and taste.
Bill in Houston March 6, 2006
Anyone who doesn't like this cigar is either a huge pussy or one of those wanna-be's who smokes Macanudos and will never understand what they're missing. Smoky, earthy, slightly spicy, and incredibley well-made and consistent. In my opinion, one of the best (if not The Best) cigars out there, Cuban, Nicaraguan or otherwise.
Chris in Boston March 1, 2006
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