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Padron 5000 Reviews [view details]

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"A very interesting cigar"
After I realized that the Padron 5000 maduro is turning into one of my favorite smokes, I decided to sit down and write a few words about it in my cigar tasting notebook (and then thought why not share it with other interested readers). I often read what other people say about a cigar prior to buying/smoking one so I will try to make this review as helpful as possible. The Padron 5000 Maduro is one of the thickest ring gauge (of size 56) cigars made by the Padron family (obviously) and it is a Nicaraguan puro. Appearance-wise, this cigar features a beautiful dark wrapper (one could even say flawless) and I assure you that it is a cigar you can smoke both on casual but also on formal occasions (as most of us know, this does play a role in the whole smoking experience, i.e., how a cigar makes you feel, and how it feels when you hold/smoke it). Construction-wise, I wouldn't even bother to comment. "Padron" is all one needs to say :) When it comes to the lighting and burn of the cigar, I always make sure to properly light any cigar I smoke. I find that a good lighting makes a huge difference in the pleasure and experience you get out of a cigar. Therefore, after properly lighting the cigar I found that it burned straight with a beautiful/long/firm and white ash with no "runs". One thing to point out, however, is that the cigar is really well packed and remember its ring gauge is 56 - therefore, you may have to relight a few times. At least I did (maybe I was smoking at a slow rate - I take a puff every 45-60 seconds always) but it continued to burn straight after re-lighting. One can hardly over-emphasize the need and importance of a straight burn since it is not only important for aesthetic reasons but it is vital for purposes of the taste that the blend of different leaves gives you at each stage of the length of the cigar you are smoking (to any pro reading this I am sorry to repeat something that is considered fundamental to you - you may be surprised how many people have no idea about this fact). Taste-wise, to me this cigar was a smooth, rich but extremely pleasant medium bodied cigar. The taste is indeed sophisticated and rich enough that it may lead to some people classifying it as full bodied. But I honestly think that it belongs in the medium bodied category with the difference of being an well balanced and elegant tasting cigar. Furthermore, the draw was not loose (you do not really want this) but not tight either (trust me, you do not want this also). The draw was just right for the cigar and thick/rich smoke comes with every puff. To other people with sensitive palates like myself (with the ability to sense any harshness or bitterness in a blend), well, Padron makes this cigar for you. And yes, I am addressing bitterness beyond the half-point length of the cigar! Even though I always blow into the cigar a couple of times while smoking it (to get rid of undesired by-products that alter the taste) I still sense a little bitterness in the 2000 and 3000 maduros. Well, I didn't see this here. Finally, let's look at the strength of the cigar (how easily you can get up from the chair once you are finished with this cigar). Well, this is not a "killer" smoke that makes the room spin, but it's not mild either. Personally, I would classify this as a good medium strength cigar which definitely gives you a very smooth punch (so to say) but definitely let's you walk away with an extremely pleasant feeling and aftertaste. Definitely on of the best non-Cuban cigars I smoked and I highly recommend it (otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time to write this review :) La familia Padron really did an outstanding job with the 5000 maduro blend.
a cigar lover's note in November 15, 2005
"By Far My Favorite Stick"
Amazing flavor and a ton of smoke. I will never go without having a good number of these in my humidor. Everything about the flavor it great. The smoke just fills your mouth then billows out. Whenever I give on to a friend he wants to know what they are and where to get one. I have never had any complaints. You cannot go wrong with the Padron 5000s or 3000s.
Bob in Chicago July 14, 2004
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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