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"Premium cigar!"
This one was quite different than the other Padrons. Not as sweet, but still very enjoyable. Medium strength throughout with a nice leather taste with very sublte hints of sweetness. Nothing close to the sweetness of the 6000 or anniversary series. Very smooth smoke. Perfect size in my opinion. Not spicy or peppery at all. If you don't like sweet and Peppery, this is the smoke for you. You will fall in love with this cigar. I on the other hand will take all sweetness I can get, so I will stick to the 6000 or anniversary series. Everything about this cigars screams premium. This one gets high ratings from me. Note: this one took well over an 1 1/2 hours to finish.
Oscar Curiel in Chicago, IL March 12, 2012
"It was an excellent cigar."
The 5000 was a smooth smoke all the way through. It wasn't too strong. I really like this cigar. And, if I had to pick one cigar to go forward with. It will be this cigar.
Derek Crayton in East Point, Georgia January 5, 2011
"Almost Perfect!"
I'll definitely be buying more of these. A beautiful cigar with a great draw, strong ash, and full bodied taste without assaulting the senses. Great slow burn, too. Didn't have to relight it once!
Tre in Charlotte, NC October 21, 2010
Purchased this stick hoping for the best and I was not let down. Wrapper was veiny, but well constructed with no soft spots. Burn was great and straight. Taste was outstanding from start to finish. I nubbed it til my fingers burnt.
bbrodnax in US May 21, 2010
I have read the great reviews so I bought 5 pack. This is a decent medium bodied smoke but for the money there are many lower priced premium cigars available. I prefer a full bodied maduro and I would not put this cigar in the full bodied catagory. This does give you a 56 ring size, which I like, but I actually prefer a 60 ring size which smokes much cooler. The Padron has a dull maduro wrapper with a boring one dimensional taste. If you are looking for a better full bodied cigar at a better price try Rocky Patel Edge 6X60 Battalion, 601 Habano Oscuro Trabuco or for about same price try the Oliva Series V 6X60 Double Toro. All of these offer a much better appearance, a lot more flavor and a much longer smoke to enjoy. I am not saying the Padron is a bad cigar but very pricey for a average tasting cigar.
tommys in Fort Smith February 20, 2010
"A really good cigar... It's a "Padron""
No long write up here... you'll like these or you won't ! If you don't, then maybe have the.... "taste bud's" checked.
Greg in Crawfordville FL December 11, 2009
"Surprisingly Great!"
I'm lucky to keep a constant stock of Padron 1926's #2, and truly think they're the best cigar money can buy. Sometimes though a cigar with a little more size is in order. Also for me the 26's are potent and best enjoyed after a good meal. So with other cigars in my rotation and knowing that in the end for me it always comes back to a Padron, I went looking for another Padron. I tried the 7000/6000 thinking the better cigar would be more inline with the 1926's, but found I did not enjoy them-something was missing. So I stepped down to the 5000 51/2 by 56 Maudoro and enjoy it quite a bit. Construction good not great, burn and draw very good, and a rich flavor that's just out of this world. It is for me is a mild smoke, so I find myself enjoying these during the day if need be without the big meal. Also a Padron at $6 bucks a stick can't be beat. I really think it's a great cigar for the money. With a 5 pack availabilty at $31 bucks you've got nothing to lose.
R. Iannarelli in Long Island, NY August 26, 2009
"Not what I expected"
I bought a 5 pack of these and I just smoked the first one. After having smoked other padron cigars I was expecting a better cigar. The taste was excellent but the construction was bad. The draw was way to loose. The wrapper looked like it was going to unravel at any second and the ash didn't hold very long. It seemed like the cigar wasn't rolled tight enough. I liked the flavor and all other aspects of cigar but that was kind of forgotten as this cigar basicly smoked itself.
Chris in Maryland July 29, 2009
"Padron 5000 Maduro"
The best cigar out there for the money bar none
James Smith in Land O Lakes February 7, 2009
Very unique! It is a very well built cigar. Great full bodied taste, with something only found in this cigar, that I cant quite put my finger on. Whatever it is, I LIKE IT!! KUDOS!!!
Paul in Longview Washington October 28, 2008
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10 Consistency (94) 100
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10 Draw (94) 100
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10 Appearance (93) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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