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I m a bit new to the cigar scene. I tend to spend around $6-10 a cigar. So far, the Padron 7000 natural or maduro, ive had both is my favorite... and it s not really that close. I had been smoking cigars during the NFL games with a few friends. I brought over the Padron 7000 and it won everybody over. They didn t want to smoke anything else. Since Im not an expert, the only thing I can really say is it is a really smooth smoking cigar. Full of flavor, but not overbearing. The only disappointing part is when it s gone!
Nathan in Orlando December 23, 2014
"Almost Excellent"
Yes it is a Padron. It just happens to be a crappy Padron. Don t bother. Bump up to the others.
Mark in Madison wi June 12, 2014
"Just OK"
I'm able to smoke every brand of Cuban and believe only Padron 1926 comes close. Bought a 5 pack of these and after two there were 'touch-ups' and a lack of depth. And it burned quickly despite its huge size. Nothing special. Maybe better luck with the 6000.
Kevin in Costa Rica June 11, 2012
One of the best Cuban-like cigars that I have had. This one starts out peppery and mean. Mellow and smooths out about after the first 10-15 minutes. After that you have an hour and a half of pure pleasure from the aroma and taste. Mouth tastes like an ashtray for a day there after, but that is expected on a good Cuban or like.
CP in Clifton Tx May 17, 2012
"Very good!"
Wow! Everything about this cigar was a straight 10/10! The only thing I didn't give a 10 too was burn. My burn was wonky as all hell. I never had to touch it up, but there were a couple times where it seemed like it wasn't going to catch up. It did, but it scared me a little. Regardless, flavor, so good. A little coffee, a little cocoa, very rich aged tobacco flavors. Perfect with the peach Snapple I happened to have with me. Pretty strong though. I'm a newbie, but I like medium-full, full strength cigars, and this one had me a little light headed by the end. Very good. Great aroma, great construction, just an overall great cigar! Even though a box is $200, I'm going to buy one as soon as I get my next paycheck. It's that damn good!
Ben in New York March 28, 2012
"not too bad, maybe a bit overated"
i tried one in sampler, it was not what i expected,
russell in brigantine,nj March 14, 2012
"Can't go wrong with Padron!"
These are really delicious. 1st third is ok, but the cigar really shines in the 2nd and 3rd third. Don't hesitate. Can't go wrong with any Padron cigar, even down to the smaller corticos.
Oscar C in ocuriel79@yahoo.com January 26, 2012
"Awesome smoke from start to finish"
This is a superb smoke. Great taste, phenominal draw, great burn. What else can I say? These are my main stay in my humidor. My daily smoke. I smoke them to a nub. No down side.
Frank in Phila., pa May 14, 2010
"Fat, Fat, Fat Good Smoke"
WOW! I was very impressed with this cigar. I think I have smoked about every Padron except some of the anniversary's. Holding this big bad boy in your mouth just makes you feel like your the man. " Your The Man"... That's right this is a man's cigar.It smokes almost like the 5000 which I really enjoyed. You can tell Jose put his whole life into making these and still doing better than ever. The taste and aroma is awesome!. All my friends want these, but I'm not giving them anymore of my stash. I haven't yet bought a full box cause I'm still thinking which ones I'll smoke more of.I'm thinking box of each so I'll never run out. If your looking for the best cigar for the price and is well know, this is it." Padron" all the way. Search no more cause if I had the funds I'd stalk every padron and smoke nothing but these. I cherish these and smoke them till I burn my finger, now that's a cigar. No after taste and the smell and tast.... aww man almost as good as being with a women. If Jose ran for president he'd get my vote big time!.I do smoke other brands but this one awww gotta love it. Id stick to this one just like George Burns did his. Smoking too many bad cigars can mess with your taste for this one cause #1 cigar over all. Don't listen to anyone else buy these, any padron and you will never smoke anything else ever.
Ron in Cali February 9, 2009
"Padron taste times two"
Straight-up Padron flavor like the 5000: smooth, deep, not dark and not earthy but bright and rich. But oh man it's a sit-down smoke, strong and long, I'd prefer these over the other 5000/6000 shapes just because they deliver everything in those lines but magnified by a power of two. Not for empty stomachs or weak palates, highly recommended.
upNorth in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA January 27, 2008
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