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Padron 7000 Reviews [view details]

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In a country far removed from the source and at $30 a stick, this was not my first choice. But after two hours of total enjoyment why take second best ever again. Well done. A challenge now to find anything that compares
Dion in NSW, Australia November 24, 2013
"Very excellent cigar"
I have been smoking now for 2 months and I would go to my local cigar shop trying different cigars. I would read reviews about different sticks and if the reviews were good I would give them a try. I also wanted to stay within a certain price point. At my local shop these sticks were $10.70 each so these were clearly more than I want to spend. After trying brand after brand I still did not find a stick that was appealing to my palette. This test tasting per se became expensive so I knew I had to find a go-to stick. Finally the shop owner almost insisted I give these Padron 7000's a try. So I figured after trying different sticks I had spent more than enough money to embark on this stick. OMG, this stick was so what I was looking for all alone. It was so tasty yet not overwhelming but just right. So after spending tons of money trying different sticks I have found the one for me. You will not be disappointed. Every one I have smoked has been consistent in every aspect. Then I came home and came to famous smoke and purchased a box that night. I am saving about $3.00 a stick compared to my local shop. PADRON 7000 is the best!!!!!!
Brian in Atlanta April 24, 2013
"My #1 stick"
Best stick I've had so far. The draw is very easy, pairs great with almonds. Burns a little quicker than most 60 rings.
wes in california December 17, 2012
"Best Cigar In Every Way"
I dont know where to start,this cigar was just outstanding, the taste, the burn and the finish I highly recommend this cigar to everyone!
Big Steve in New York February 3, 2009
"A can't-miss, take-it-to-the-bank cigar"
I rate this cigar as my best for-under-seven-bucks cigar
Gerald in Lexington September 11, 2008
"Good smoke, if this is what you're looking for"
I've been smoking Nicaraguan puros for about a year & so I finally tried a Padron. I have to say that I think this brand is a little over hyped. The wrapper itself wasn't very oily & I really didn't get much flavor there. These are full bodied to be sure, but I'm just not sure I can justify the box price. I thought they were very dry & not very complex in flavor. I think they are good, but I just think there are better Nicaraguans out there at a better price.
Scott in Pittsburgh August 19, 2008
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Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (93) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (94) 100
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