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I am not a full body smoker but I love these
Alexis Santiago in Bronx ny January 3, 2014
"My Go-To Smoke"
After reading a magazine article about smaller diameter cigars being top manufacturer's favorites I found these to be the perfect balance of flavor and price. You literally can't beat them for the price.
Cigar Guy in Oklahoma July 30, 2013
"Not worth the price."
Padrons are my favorite brand and I hate to write a bad review on them but the fact is the ambassador is the bottom of the line and unless I can get a great deal on them, I probably won't buy any more from stock. The biggest problem is they are grossly inconsistent. I have yet to smoke a box and not have at least 3 or 4 that would not draw or were completely plugged. Some also have soft spots or stems causing poor burns and or runs. But when you do get a good one they are very good! At a regular price of $85+ per box having to throw away 3 or 4 with a couple more having bad burns is not worth the price to look for the good ones.
Jim in Florida March 3, 2007
The Padron Maduro Ambassador (along with the Padron Maduro Churchill) is my "golf" cigar - and my golf game requires a MUCH-better-than-average cigar to keep me from getting dangerously despondent! Neither have ever let me down.
Jim Moore in Central Florida August 14, 2005
"Best construction, draw, and flavor at any price!"
After smoking over 100 different brands, the Padron line consistently outperfoms every other. The Ambassador Maduro is one of the ultimate cigar values available today. Outstanding construction, smooth draw, and exceptional taste. This cigar delivers it all. Rich plumes of delicious flavor in every puff. Coffee and cocoa flavors with an aroma that brings the ladies running. Box pressed and absolutely beautiful construction. Wish Cuba could put something in my hand with this much quality and flavor at anywhere near the price!!!
Rich Backs in California City, CA April 8, 2000
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10 Burn (85) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (86) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (88) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (88) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (88) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (88) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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