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Padron Reviews

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Padron 7000
I m a bit new to the cigar scene. I tend to spend around $6-10 a cigar. So far, the Padron 7000 natural or maduro, ive had both is my favorite... and it s not really that close. I had been smoking cigars during the NFL games with a few friends. I brought over the Padron 7000 and it won everybody over. They didn t want to smoke anything else. Since Im not an expert, the only thing I can really say is it is a really smooth smoking cigar. Full of flavor, but not overbearing. The only disappointing part is when it s gone!
Nathan in Orlando December 23, 2014
Padron Londres
"Fantastic Smoke, Serious Bang For Your Buck."
I love these cigars! I got turned on to them a while back and cannot stop smoking them. For my money I have not found a better cigar at this price point. If you really want to be blown away, buy a box or two of these and forget about them for a few years. Prepare to be amazed at how much an already stellar smoke transforms into something phenomenal. Given the option I will take one of these with a nicely yellowed cellophane sleeve over any of the anniversary lines each and every time.
Braydon November 12, 2014
Padron 8 Cigar Sampler
"Good Sticks but Damaged Wrapper"
Sticks all tasted good but wrappers condition are not good; most of them are damaged and cracked. Only 2 of them are undamaged. Don't know if they put seconds in samplers or sticks being damaged inside the wooden box due to non-cellophane in shipping.
Neg September 20, 2014
Padron Executive
Flavor could be richer. It burned well and all that. Just not what I'd hoped for. The draw was sort of loose also.
Mark in Wisconsin September 13, 2014
Padron Londres
"Nice Smaller Cigar"
Really like them. I have been smoking the Corticos but Londres are a Cortico 1.5 They are like the bigger brother. Totally recommend. Great taste, burn, and flavor.
Coldspring Chicken in Cold Spring, NY August 25, 2014
Padron 3000
"Tasty but Predictable"
I got a 4-pack of these to try as I love the 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo but can't justify $11-12 for an everyday smoke. Sure, the 3000 has most of the rich flavors I enjoy in the 1964, but it's very predictable and lacking in complexity. There are many more interesting full-bodied $6 cigars on the market - San Lotanos, JdNs, La Flor Dominicanas and various Garcias and Bradley's spring to mind.
MacBryan in Malaysia August 18, 2014
Padron Corticos (6)
"Not a real Padron, not a real maduro"
May be I got a bad tin. A full strength small cigar, but not as good as the bigger ones. It said that it is a maduro cigar, but just can t taste any sweetness from it. Coarse wrapper and draw is little bit tight.Construction is not very good, The first half is acceptable as a small cigar . However, after the half way point,it becomes tunnel burn, and taste harsher and bitter.Go get x000 series instead of it, if you want a real muduro cigar.
Neg August 11, 2014
Padron 3000
I ve never smoked a bad Padron and these are great as well. I ordered a box and smoked one right outa the box, without any time in the humidor. I didn t notice any chocolate, oak, silk, nutty taste or any of that silly crap...just taste like good tobacco and smoked nicely with a perfect draw. A little rough shod but held together well. I m happy
David B in Atlanta August 5, 2014
Padron Churchill
"Always Consistent"
Have been smoking these consistently for over a year, are my every day go to smokes. Always flavorful, consistent with great craftmanship and draw. Do agree that I enjoy the natural vs. the maduro version, it just tastes better. On the weekends I ramp it up and enjoy an Anniversary or Family Reserve. You can never go wrong with Padron!
RR in Niagara Falls NY July 31, 2014
Padron 3000
"An impartial review"
For the money, there is not a better cigar available on the planet! I have always favored Nicaraguan cigars, and Padron offers the very best. absolutely love the Padron 3000 as my go-to cigar, for special occasions, you can t beat a Padron Serie 1926 #2 Cigar.
Bill in Nesconset, NY July 19, 2014
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