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Padron Reviews

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Padron 7000
"Almost Excellent"
Yes it is a Padron. It just happens to be a crappy Padron. Don t bother. Bump up to the others.
Mark in Madison wi June 12, 2014
Padron Ambassador
Excellent construction, and a medium-to-full profile. Starts off as a medium, then becomes more interesting around the second third with the addition of black pepper, then gets progressively darker and fuller, albeit not complex. Burned for about an hour and a half. 89 points
Stefan in City by the Bay March 30, 2014
Padron 3000
Just Smoked my first Padron Soke was Great burn was not to even Taste fantastic Will be in my Favorites
Wilfredo in NYC March 3, 2014
Padron 4000
"A classic Maduro"
An outstanding cigar for the price. Started as medium, became a full cigar around the midpoint, and then it tamed down again at the end of the last third becoming a mild-to-medium. Mostly one-dimensional in terms of flavor, showing very dark chocolate flavors I m talking about a 90% dark chocolate bar, not your average 70% , cedar, and some faint wood. If anything, complexity is reached here through variations in intensity. Around the midpoint it also showed very strong effervescence akin to baking soda particularly on the retrohale, which died down toward the end of the last third but picked up again at the nub. Outstanding burn that didn't go out on me when I left it hanging for 5+ minutes at various times, other than when it got to the band and the intensity also decreased. Burned for about 80 minutes, and it turned hot at the nub, possibly also due to it being squished in my mouth and to the inclement weather. Overall, I found the dark cocoa overwhelming for the most part; would pair great with a full-bodied red wine. 90 points 89 points for the flavor, 95 points for the construction
Stefan in City by the Bay February 8, 2014
Padron Palmas
"Great Smoke."
Upon buying a box of the Padron Palma Naturals, Unwrapping them from the cellophane you can smell the quality of the cigars. At first, it comes off as spicy, strong coffee scent. Out the factory sealed box, smoking these were very rough on the throat. Flavor was rough. Very harsh. I am writing this review about a month after aging this box separated from other stock in my seasoned humidor at a consistant 72% humidity its snowing in NJ as I write this review . Now they are spectacular. The wrapper is still thick and very oily, the draw very smooth, ash strong and light grey and stayed even as it burns. This a Lonsdale size so it is not overpowering like the bigger gauge cigars. Once and a while during this smoke I would look at the wrapper as I took a pull and there would be some crackle and or sparks off the wrapper to accompany the sweet flavor. Flavor is extremely smooth off the palate, leather, spice, coffee and touch of sweetness off the palate. Drink of choice was a Malbec . Savored the whole stogie took a good hour. Great smoke, will buy a box again, I recommend at least a month in a well maintained humidor to settle before lighting.
Edward in USA January 22, 2014
Padron 2000 4 Pack
First Full bodied cigar since becoming a cigar fanatic. Appearance is nice. Chocolate wrapper with medium veins. Tightly wrapped but not hindering the draw. After clipping I notice a nice dark filler. First ten minutes in the flavor was bold, peppery after taste that lingers nicely. Nice habenero flavor, chocolate filler stands out into the 30 min mark. Down to the nub the burn is excellent thus far. Flavors remain bold but become slightly over bearing toward the end. Very nice cigar, will purchase again very soon.
Vance in Hampton Virginia January 9, 2014
Padron Ambassador
I am not a full body smoker but I love these
Alexis Santiago in Bronx ny January 3, 2014
Padron Corticos (6)
"Not what I expected"
I bought a tin of these over the weekend at a local cigar shop and was excited to try these. The person working there told me it was a sweeter smoke, although I like the more rich flavor for a cigar I decided to try them anyway. The flavor tasted like a machine rolled swisher sweet you would get from a convenience store, and while I was smoking it the outer leaf unraveled. I was not impressed with this and will not purchase these again. The appearance of the packaging is nice and they smell very good, they also burn nicely but the construction of it was less than satisfactory. Overall I would give this cigar a 5/10.
Kevin in New Jersey December 9, 2013
Padron 7000
In a country far removed from the source and at $30 a stick, this was not my first choice. But after two hours of total enjoyment why take second best ever again. Well done. A challenge now to find anything that compares
Dion in NSW, Australia November 24, 2013
Padron Palmas
"An all around bad experience"
Harsh, unpleasant smoke. Poor construction. An all around bad experience.
teeka in stroudsburg October 26, 2013
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