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Padron Reviews

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Padron 2000
"My favorite"
This quality, this flavor, those all elements that make a cigar a premium with this price? No one can beat Padron 2000. If you like tons of flavor, smoke and quality for low price, buy this one without any fear!
Flavio in Dallas, Texas August 14, 2012
Padron Delicias
"Best TASTING cigar I have ever had"
Best TASTING cigar I ever had.Some Padron's are very strong this one is not overpowering it's just nothing but flavor! Plus the most beautiful white ash. Can't ask for a better stogie
Craig in Pueblo July 30, 2012
Padron 7000
"Just OK"
I'm able to smoke every brand of Cuban and believe only Padron 1926 comes close. Bought a 5 pack of these and after two there were 'touch-ups' and a lack of depth. And it burned quickly despite its huge size. Nothing special. Maybe better luck with the 6000.
Kevin in Costa Rica June 11, 2012
Padron 3000
"Draw and flavor are great"
I've been smoking Padrons for several years now and I have to say that they are one of the few handmade cigars out there that do not draw too tightly. That's a good thing in my book, as most cigars have fine tobacco but are always too tight. Second, the aging and treatment of these tobaccos results in an absolutely wonderful flavor, natural or maduro. Having said these good things, I do have to echo what another poster wrote that the consistency has seemed to go down hill over the last year or so. And the price has gone way way up. We all hope that this stick remains true to its original formula of limited production, high quality and reasonable prices.
Rick in Portland June 5, 2012
Padron 3000
"Flavor ok draw terrible"
The flavor wasn't bad but the draw was terrible. There was no resistance it was like sucking on an empty straw. The cigar was also somewhat soft and inconsistent in flavor
Charlie in Boston May 29, 2012
Padron 7000
One of the best Cuban-like cigars that I have had. This one starts out peppery and mean. Mellow and smooths out about after the first 10-15 minutes. After that you have an hour and a half of pure pleasure from the aroma and taste. Mouth tastes like an ashtray for a day there after, but that is expected on a good Cuban or like.
CP in Clifton Tx May 17, 2012
Padron 5000
"Pretty nice but too much maintenance"
Won this cigar in a Full body Sampler auction. Very powerful. Very tasty but the thing seemed to have a dull spot on one side that constantly needed to be touched up. For this I would not buy again. From a company such as Padron you would expect all of these "amateur" flaws to be free from all their cigars but apparently not. I would not turn one down but I will not be buying one again
Ian in Columbus,Ohio April 18, 2012
Padron 7000
"Very good!"
Wow! Everything about this cigar was a straight 10/10! The only thing I didn't give a 10 too was burn. My burn was wonky as all hell. I never had to touch it up, but there were a couple times where it seemed like it wasn't going to catch up. It did, but it scared me a little. Regardless, flavor, so good. A little coffee, a little cocoa, very rich aged tobacco flavors. Perfect with the peach Snapple I happened to have with me. Pretty strong though. I'm a newbie, but I like medium-full, full strength cigars, and this one had me a little light headed by the end. Very good. Great aroma, great construction, just an overall great cigar! Even though a box is $200, I'm going to buy one as soon as I get my next paycheck. It's that damn good!
Ben in New York March 28, 2012
Padron 7000
"not too bad, maybe a bit overated"
i tried one in sampler, it was not what i expected,
russell in brigantine,nj March 14, 2012
Padron 5000
"Premium cigar!"
This one was quite different than the other Padrons. Not as sweet, but still very enjoyable. Medium strength throughout with a nice leather taste with very sublte hints of sweetness. Nothing close to the sweetness of the 6000 or anniversary series. Very smooth smoke. Perfect size in my opinion. Not spicy or peppery at all. If you don't like sweet and Peppery, this is the smoke for you. You will fall in love with this cigar. I on the other hand will take all sweetness I can get, so I will stick to the 6000 or anniversary series. Everything about this cigars screams premium. This one gets high ratings from me. Note: this one took well over an 1 1/2 hours to finish.
Oscar Curiel in Chicago, IL March 12, 2012
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