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Padron Reviews

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Padron 6000
Am a BIG fan of the Maduro 6000! E=When buying in boxes sometimes you will get a few of the natural ones in there by mistake and you don't have to think twice about it because the natural one tastes completely different. I think sometimes when packging them they make a mistake due to the leaf color. This cigar is smooth, burns well, draws great. This cigar in my opinion is better then some of the cubans out there....
LTN in NYC January 20, 2013
Padron Executive
"Executive in every way"
Bought a box of executives. I now have one in the evening with a glass of Port. Heavenly
Tony in New Jersey January 1, 2013
Padron 7000
"My #1 stick"
Best stick I've had so far. The draw is very easy, pairs great with almonds. Burns a little quicker than most 60 rings.
wes in california December 17, 2012
Padron 2000
"A Great Smoke for a Great Price"
I am new to the world of cigars, and have been doing a lot of sampling for ones that I like. I did some hunting and decided to grab one of these. The smoke was great. Good burn although it did try to quit on me at the start of the last third. Draw was right on, and the taste was excellent. A great medium cigar. I am going back tomorrow to buy some more as a daily smoke.
Randy in Florida November 13, 2012
Padron Londres
"Always reliable!!"
This is one of my favorite cigars!! I buy boxes of them and they age very well!! For the reviewers that say it is harsh and one dimensional I suggest to let them rest for 3 month. The flavors and complexity of this cigar are great!! But you do have to give them time!! I suggest to buy a 10 pack and smoke one every month to see how it changes. If it doesn't become one of your favorites in ten monthes you just can't be pleased!!
Lee in Phila November 6, 2012
Padron 4000
"Reliable, Flavorful, Unassuming"
Easily my favorite brand, Padron delivers every time. The price, flavor and consistency set this maduro apart. If you enjoy the 1926, 1964, or any of the Family Reserves give this one a try; while not in the same class, you will be on familiar ground smoking this beauty. The draw is easy, which can make this smoke fast and lend to a hot smoke late in the stick. First third has no spiciness. The sweetness, cocoa and cream coat the mouth. These flavors build and strengthen from first light through the second third. The last third is my least favorite, though still exquisite. I usually purge the stick a few times for the last three inches. The ash is white and light gray with flecks of dark gray in the seams. Burn, while not perfect requires little attention. In short a classic smoke ready to light from purchase.
Aaron in North Alabama October 14, 2012
Padron Delicias
I’m a newbie < 1 year, but I’ve been smoking lots different brands and types with hits and misses. This one is a hit for me just love the taste. It has a hint of sweetness that I really like that is not over powering. Seems like a perfect balance. Defiantly a favorite, but I’m still searching. . . Must be good, I did my first review!
Jerry in Texas October 13, 2012
Padron Executive
"Great smoke every time"
The one thing about padrons and especially this cigar is they are consistently great smokes. I am a Maduro fan and Padrons never let me down.
Marty in Hillsboro, Oregon October 12, 2012
Padron 2000
""Good for the money?" A great smoke, period."
Other reviews I've read say it's a good cigar for the money, good everyday smoke, etc. It's a great cigar period, and I am very pleased with it. I will continue to buy. Not good with describing tastes like cofffe, leather, chocolate, etc. But it does have a a very complex taste that changes in different phases of your draw. It is excellent, I fantasize about actually pulling one out during the work day and smoking it right where I am.
Jake in Eastern PA October 2, 2012
Padron 2000
"My favorite"
This quality, this flavor, those all elements that make a cigar a premium with this price? No one can beat Padron 2000. If you like tons of flavor, smoke and quality for low price, buy this one without any fear!
Flavio in Dallas, Texas August 14, 2012
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