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Padron Corticos (6) Reviews [view details]

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"Not a real Padron, not a real maduro"
May be I got a bad tin. A full strength small cigar, but not as good as the bigger ones. It said that it is a maduro cigar, but just can t taste any sweetness from it. Coarse wrapper and draw is little bit tight.Construction is not very good, The first half is acceptable as a small cigar . However, after the half way point,it becomes tunnel burn, and taste harsher and bitter.Go get x000 series instead of it, if you want a real muduro cigar.
Neg in August 11, 2014
"Not what I expected"
I bought a tin of these over the weekend at a local cigar shop and was excited to try these. The person working there told me it was a sweeter smoke, although I like the more rich flavor for a cigar I decided to try them anyway. The flavor tasted like a machine rolled swisher sweet you would get from a convenience store, and while I was smoking it the outer leaf unraveled. I was not impressed with this and will not purchase these again. The appearance of the packaging is nice and they smell very good, they also burn nicely but the construction of it was less than satisfactory. Overall I would give this cigar a 5/10.
Kevin in New Jersey December 9, 2013
"WOW, just as good as the big ones"
I was pleasantly surprized. They taste just as good as the bigger siblings. I have tried many Padron 7000s. Taste is a 10. Value is a 10. Construction is a 7, just because it's rolled with a little less care then the bigger siblings, but still not bad as it sounds. Way better then the Ashton esquire and Dannemann cigarillos, but then again, these are much bigger. Dont hesitate, these are really good and tasty!
Oscar C in Chicago January 26, 2012
"Love them as much as the big ones."
I am about half way through my box of 30, and have only had one that was a clunker. The rest taste as good and the full sized ones. The ash on every one goes at least half way down before dropping. The smoke is rich. My coworkers get envious every time I light one up. Also, I suggest the 1964 Anneversary series. My girlfriend (who doesn't smoke by the way) gave me an Anniversary pack for my very first Padron, and I will never forget that wonderful flavor. Worth bellying up the bucks to the bar.
Mark in Union City, CA November 30, 2007
"not what I expected"
I was surpised that this little cigar did not live up to my expectations. I felt it was more on a bitter side (vs. full-bodied), at times turning unpleasantly harsh, particularly towards the middle. Maybe they're better in Natural wrappers rather than Maduro. Draw was good, as was the ash - nice & firm, just like in its big brother.
Steve in Colorado March 16, 2006
"Try This one"
Not normally a little smoke fan, but the Padron Cortico Maduro will blow you away with smoke and flavor. If you like Padron Maduro's you will enjoy this little smoke when time is short...
Gary in Kennewick, Wa. February 9, 2005
"Smooth, Flavorful,Just as good as the larger ones."
Iam hooked on these little pleasure sticks. They never disapoint me and I always find myself smoking them down to nearly nothing since they seem to get better as they burn down.
Gene Gilreath in Montbrook, FL June 29, 2003
"Padron rank #1 in my book"
I have never found a more consistent brand on the market. The Londres, 2000, 3000, and mini cigars are all an excellent buy (any padron actually). This brand had me sold from day one. My girlfriend who never smokes cigars was in shock at how good it actually tasted-she might take up the habit herself! There are other cigars that are comparable in quality, but none for the price!!!! PS-the pricey Anniversario and Serie 1926 are well worth the cost.
Jarrod in Knoxville, TN May 28, 2003
"Best Short Smoke I've tried!"
Excellent flavor, even burn, good construction and the nicest Maduro wrapper I've ever seen. These "little guys" are far and away the best small cigar I've been able to find, standing head and shoulders above even the Cohiba Pequenos and other small cigars that I've tried. In a hurry? Then this is the cigar for you.
Dean White in Bradford, Vt. , U.S.A. May 11, 2003
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