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"Great Smoke"
First cigar ive smoked where it matched the description. Coco and coffe taste is great but not so strong it takes away from a real strong smoke. A hint of spice after the coco and coffe settles.
Erica B in woodstock ga November 17, 2011
"Big Hitter"
I like 5000s better. This was decent, long smoke and powerful hitting..some cocoa and coffee but I found this a bit one dimensional as compared to other Padrons Ive had. Given the smoking time and the flavor..combined with ultra airy draw..although a good smoke not a favorite for me. Also kicked pretty good...I knew I smoked one for about 2 days..
Chris in Milwaukee November 2, 2011
"cigar lover"
I travel to Nicaragua often on business and I'm fortunate enough to bring back a box or two of Padrons every time I go. This time around I brought back both a box of Executive Maduro and Natural. These cigars arent for the faint of heart and will last roughly an hour if smoked consistenly. If you set them down for an extended period of time they will of course go out lke any other cigar. Light them back up and it is as though it never went out. My favourite aspect of this long smoke isnt just the lovely consistency of the draw nor is it the beatiful smell of the tobacco. Its not even the perfect burn. Above all else, I love that this cigar will taste distinctly different at several different stages throughout its life, all tastes which are, by the way, wounderful. I used to be a Cuba cigar snob before I travelled to Nicaragua and discovered Padron. There is no doubt that Cuba has some incredible cigars, but overall for me Padron is the standard and thats before you even begin to factor in the incredible price of these cigars.
Smoke Man in Toronto, Canada November 2, 2009
"" Back to Back""
Ok, last weekend I smoke an Executive maduro and loved every minute of it. Last night went for happy hour with my girl and took another one of these I had laying around in my humidor. Don't know if I had it laying next to a non-padron cigar cause when I put it in my mouth and lit it, it didn't taste so much like a padron that I'm use to smoking. I thought for sure I was going to be disapointed NOW!. Well I think it was just the tip in my mouth cause the rest of it went pretty well. took me a good 2 hrs to smoke this off and on, sure I had to re-lite it twice but that's cause it was cold and windy where I was. I was blowing perfect smoke rings still. I ended up smoking it more that the other one I had. left about less than 1/2 INCH that's how good it was. Wow! Guys, Never ever mix your good stixs with cheaper cigars, it will throw off the taste the first part of the lite. I reconmend putting them in their own humidor like I got. I put all my Padron together and don't mix them with anything else.
Ron in Cali February 20, 2009
""Long and tasty Cigar""
I have both natural and maduro , but after smoking one sat night that leaves me with 2 left. I was kind of stand offish about the length it self. I already knew the reputation of Padron. I had this ageing in my humidor for about 8 months and well........ I sparked it up and it was a very relaxing pleasnt cigar. I got the same taste as I get from all my Padron's. The Burn was even, draw was pretty nice. I had to relite it once, the fact that I went to the restroom and it lite right back up and still had an even burn. Before long it was now a little small thing in my finger and I wanted to have more. I prefer maduro over natural though and I have both. I just ordered 2 boxes of Padrons 5000& 7000 and a 5 pack of 4000. I haven't been disapointed yet from Padron or Famous. All the cigars I orders come in great shape and are still fresh even after a few days of travel. From the box, straigh to my humidor they go. if you want to invest your money in a really nice smoke invest in Padron. Not bad for the price. Show up with one of these and all your friends will want to try one.
Ron in Cali February 18, 2009
"Memorable Smoke"
This cigar blew me away with it's complexities in such a short stick. Initially, it had heavy notes of wood/cedar, which tapered off after the first third, while the final third intensified and tasted much like the first third, and felt much like a punch to the throat. Also, there seemed to be a distinct aftertaste that lasted longer than usual, but I cannot say that it was entirely unpleasant. All in all, it was a very full bodied and strong cigar, although I would probably not recommend it to beginners. It may be some time before I smoke another of these cigars, but I can honestly say that I was thinking about this cigar long after I finsihed smoking it, and I will certainly not forget the experience.
TDP in Dallas, TX April 21, 2008
"Heady Full-flavored Delicious - Left me Dizzy!"
I've smoked several of these now. Good rich intense flavor,hint of chocolate. Even consistant burn, slightly loose dark ash. Got better as I smoked it to the ring.I Recommend this cigar for those who like a full flavored smoke. I smoked the Maduro Wrapper
Spanky in Los Angeles July 2, 2003
"Great Consistent Cigar; A staple in my humidor."
This is one of my all time favorits. It has a nice draw, an even burn, with consistent ash. This is the strongest cigar I smoke. Even though it is strong it doesn't bit. I have only two negatives: It needs to sit a couple of minutes after lighting to gets its great flovor. Also the finish is just slightly short. But these are minor and don't effect my decision to keep this as a staple.
Hugh S. in Fort Worth, TX November 15, 2001
"A great full bodied smoke for when you have time."
I love these Maduros, but I don't often have the time to smoke them. They are a 90-91 in my estimation, but I haven't had one for a while. Time to get some more!
Carll in Texas July 3, 2001
"This is the cigar that turned me onto Padron"
Excellent quality and construction throughout all cigars in box. Consistent burn with very easy draw right from the beginning. Try em, they're one of the best!
Mike in NJ June 1, 2000
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