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"Fantastic Smoke, Serious Bang For Your Buck."
I love these cigars! I got turned on to them a while back and cannot stop smoking them. For my money I have not found a better cigar at this price point. If you really want to be blown away, buy a box or two of these and forget about them for a few years. Prepare to be amazed at how much an already stellar smoke transforms into something phenomenal. Given the option I will take one of these with a nicely yellowed cellophane sleeve over any of the anniversary lines each and every time.
Braydon in November 12, 2014
"Always reliable!!"
This is one of my favorite cigars!! I buy boxes of them and they age very well!! For the reviewers that say it is harsh and one dimensional I suggest to let them rest for 3 month. The flavors and complexity of this cigar are great!! But you do have to give them time!! I suggest to buy a 10 pack and smoke one every month to see how it changes. If it doesn't become one of your favorites in ten monthes you just can't be pleased!!
Lee in Phila November 6, 2012
"THE everyday smoke for Padron Lovers"
I love large ring gage maduro's. My favorite is a Padron Executive with a wedge cut, but who can afford them everyday? So this is your cigar. Nice medium to full flavor, reasonable cost, and Padron's famous flavor. Nutty immediately, progresses to cocao, then a spicy finish. It get's a little hot at the end, but you need to slowwlly nurse it, savor the flavor. The first two thirds should smoke in 30 - 40 minutes, and the las third should take another half hour.
irloyal in Republic of Texas August 23, 2011
"Hot and not much taste."
The Padron 5000 is my absolute favorite cigar. I have rarely smoked anything below a 48 ring gauge but I wanted to give a corona a try. I thought if anyone could get it right, it would be Padron. I was disappointed to say the least. The Padron flavor and smoothness was just not there. What was there was a hot burning, fairly tasteless cigar. That said, I am not used to smoking such a thin cigar but I am quite aware the burn is hotter on thinner smokes so I "sipped" slowly on this one. I was wanting this to be good, it was not to be. I will stick with my fat Padrons for expensive and Don Tomas and Sancho's for inexpensive smokes.
Edward in Michigan December 31, 2010
"Not for me"
I was excited until I smoked it. The cigar was so light and loosely rolled, I thought it was going to fall apart. Burns quickly because so loose. Yes it is strong but something like Spanish ducados cigarettes, one flavor no layers. Aroma and taste somewhat interesting and unique i guess, but overall disappoints. Also, almost a throat scratcher... Lack of smoothness is offset by interesting flavor but the construction is too much to overlook. I was much happier with the richer Partagas Prontos.
jazzi in Canada July 27, 2010
"Flavor supasses many more expensive smokes"
This cigar has become one of my favorites and is unequaled in cigars in the same price range. With a medium/full flavor that starts out a bit spicy then quickly turns to rich cocoa and subtle coffee flavor, this is a real winner. I suspect it might be priced the way it is due to the lumpy appearance and sometimes medium vein wrapper. If you don't get too hung up on looks, this Nicaraguan puro might just surprise you. I also find the natural wrapper version to be just as good with a little lighter body as you might expect.
Bud in Columbus, OH January 26, 2009
Absolute proof, awesome cigars are neither large in size, nor triple didgit in box price. My humidor will never be without these. Very rich, and full in flavor, though never biting, or "hot". But, you do want to smoke it slow, if it heats up, the wonderful experience will end.
Scott in Vermont September 4, 2008
"Best Buy under $10"
For $2 you can get a Padron Londres. If all the cigars under $10 were sold for $2, i would still take the Londres over them all. This is truly an every day smoke.
Manny in Miami April 16, 2008
"The most bang for your buck on the entire market!"
I've smoked single sticks over the last few months. Great burn, great taste, very consistant quality. These taste better than many cigars that cost 5 times as much. Don't let the cheap price fool you. Pick up a box today, you will not be disappointed in the least.
S. Newsense in Baltimore, MD November 13, 2007
"Great every day maduro"
I have really found this to be a great cigar for the price. After a few draws, the taste really settles in and is very satisfying. A few out of my last box were a little hard to draw, but I can live with that for the cost.
Tuff in Newcastle, WY June 26, 2007
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