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"Great Smoke."
Upon buying a box of the Padron Palma Naturals, Unwrapping them from the cellophane you can smell the quality of the cigars. At first, it comes off as spicy, strong coffee scent. Out the factory sealed box, smoking these were very rough on the throat. Flavor was rough. Very harsh. I am writing this review about a month after aging this box separated from other stock in my seasoned humidor at a consistant 72% humidity its snowing in NJ as I write this review . Now they are spectacular. The wrapper is still thick and very oily, the draw very smooth, ash strong and light grey and stayed even as it burns. This a Lonsdale size so it is not overpowering like the bigger gauge cigars. Once and a while during this smoke I would look at the wrapper as I took a pull and there would be some crackle and or sparks off the wrapper to accompany the sweet flavor. Flavor is extremely smooth off the palate, leather, spice, coffee and touch of sweetness off the palate. Drink of choice was a Malbec . Savored the whole stogie took a good hour. Great smoke, will buy a box again, I recommend at least a month in a well maintained humidor to settle before lighting.
Edward in USA January 22, 2014
"Great smoke, great value, a few flaws"
Pretty much agree with all the reviews so far. Great taste - I got toasted oak and a bit of leather - the filler is a knock out. The one I smoked had almost no cap just barely enough to cut and the draw was very light but once I got the knack of it very satisfying. I'll buy more -for four bucks and change? Wow!
Gary in Reston,VA January 7, 2012
I have smoked a lot of cigars in the last 10 years and this one is my favorite,always consistent,even burn,easy draw and super tasty(chocolate and coffee taste on the palate)try them and I am sure you will love them as well.
Aussie Shaun in australia August 20, 2007
"Best Cigar made for the money and flavor"
The Palmas is as flavorful as some of it's larger brothers. Very smooth nutty flavor in a medium body smoke. They don't seem to last long in the humidor. Affordable enough to smoke anytime.
Barry Williams in Houston, Texas January 21, 2001
"I love Padrons"
I feel extremely lucky. I got a box of these for $46.40. One of my all time favorite smokes. Fantastic flavor, great burn. It's got that smooth nutty Padron flavor. The only thing that beats these is the Anniversarios.
Barry Williams in Houston, Texas January 11, 2001
"You can't beat the taste for this price."
I smoke 1 of these everyday on the commute home from work. These are always the first cigar I offer my friends. My wife even enjoys the aroma.
Greg Rutz in Campbell, Ca December 11, 1999
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