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Padron Serie 1926 80 Years Reviews [view details]

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I smoked one on my 50th Birthday in the Dominican Republic, a day I shall never forget! :) Great favor,taste,construction and a great smoke, worth the money!
Hulk in Chadds Ford. PA May 17, 2008
"Best Cigar Ever?"
If someone ever tells you this is the best cigar ever, agree with them or keep your mouth shut because it just might be. If God smokes, this is his cigar.
Manny in Miami April 16, 2008
"Wow, damn, and ahh. Incredible."
Maybe if you're in the market for these cigars, reviews don't matter -- they're a brand-name pinnacle and on that accolade alone could deliver a mediochre product and still command the mountain-like price. Not the case with Padron, and not the case with these cigars. Padron doesn't overdo the packaging but these sticks glow when you open up a box, their lethal-weapon torpedo points and glassy-oily sheen wrappers staring back at you. Construction feels ethereal, rock-solid and light. Lighting this perfecto took about 4 seconds and it was golden from then on. The taste: wow, damn, and ahh, all at once. This is not the same flavor profile as the other in the 1926 line, it's not as heavy/earthy. Like the difference between lush black tropical soil and sunshine through the leafs, this is a sweeter smoke (even compared to the 1926 40th Anniversary) and not so earthy. No cigar's aroma has been as epic as this smoke, not even close, and I enjoyed the smell as much as the taste throughout -- think about this, because usually (for me) the aroma is a pleasant secondary effect but not something you can really notice throughout. Pretty much perfect burn throughout, enough thick white smoke to make the local weather report and a smooth consistent draw. Rounding out the experience was a decently strong buzz that made itself known about 2/3 through the smoke. Who should smoke this cigar? Anyone who digs cigars. It's not for beginners and you may not like it at all, but it represents a hell of a lot of effort to make a distinctive and -very- well balanced cigar. Hats off to Padron.
upNorth in Fairbanks, Alaska February 19, 2008
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10 Construction (98) 100
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