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Padron Serie 1926 Reviews

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Padron Serie 1926 #35
The best cigar I've ever had. Everything about it was great: burn was razor edge, draw was perfect, appearance - well it wasn't the prettiest cigar I've ever seen, BUT pretty is as pretty does and it did everything else pretty damn well. Broke down and bought a box, and they have all been the same - GREAT. Just can't afford to smoke these everyday.
Steve in Scottsburg, IN October 9, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 80 Years
"Personally speaking, great cigar"
The first one of these I smoked came from a shop at a MUCH higher price tag, but was worth it. I have never had a bad one of these, never a bad burn, never a hindered draw. While it is possible that this cigar does not fall in some people s preferred flavor profile, this icgar embodies everything an aged Nicaraguan should have to offer. I personally make sure I have a few of these in my humidor at all times, from big celebrations to celebrating the daily grind and making one more day . This cigar, simply put, is one of the best I have had, just happens to be expensive.
Rico in USA August 6, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 #2 Belicoso
If there is an award for Finest Smoke On The Planet, this is definitely the winner...
Bill in Nesconset, NY July 19, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 80 Years
"Very good, but....."
Excellent smoke, hard to find a more pleasurable experience,smooth, great draw, aroma and taste out of this world. I didn t get the strength kick like a lot of others. But at this price point, I d prefer a 1964.
Marty M in Chicago July 3, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 #9
"Excellent Flavor - Easy Draw"
I am a long time pipe smoker. At Barlow s Shop in Lafayette, CO I tried a Padron 1926 #9 because I wanted a complex cigar with an easy draw. It delivered on both counts. Now, I will alternate with my oriental and English blend pipe tobaccos.
Richard in Loveland, CO May 23, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 #6
"Full-on Maduro"
Darker than I was expecting, compared to the Natural, which I think I prefer for its intensity. Still, classic Padron Maduro, yet I remember a smoother 1964. 92+ points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 21, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 #35
"The mighty little one"
Wow, what a power horse -- you definitely feel it on the retro hale! This is one of the strongest sticks I've had, definitely full bodied. Taste was mostly wood and strong ligero, and some black cherry on the last third. Burn was perfect right out of the humidor, with no dry boxing necessary, and draw was excellent through a bullet hole. Cracked just a little around the midpoint. Lasted for about an hour. Great, strong stick, but I wish it had more flavor.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 25, 2014
Padron Serie 1926 40th Anniversary Torpedo
This is one good smoke. I give it a 92 all around! At least i tried. The rating bar goes from 90 to 100.
Joe in Fort Worth, Texas December 10, 2013
Padron Serie 1926 40th Anniversary Torpedo
"What s there to say?!"
For me, the 40th maduro is my all-time favorite cigar with the 40th natural in extremely close 2nd. The rest of the 1926 line is also stellar. And yes, I ve had plenty of genuine Cubans and many premium non-Cubans. The 1926 40th is the best cigar on the planet. End of discussion.
A in Allentown November 17, 2013
Padron Serie 1926 #1
"Worst Part About These...."
It's hard to smoke anything less!! You can keep your cubans, give me a Padron any day, if you haven't had one, then you wouldn't understand. Just perfect. Happy Smoking!!
Marty in Chicago September 21, 2013
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