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Padron Serie 1926 #1 Reviews [view details]

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"Worst Part About These...."
It's hard to smoke anything less!! You can keep your cubans, give me a Padron any day, if you haven't had one, then you wouldn't understand. Just perfect. Happy Smoking!!
Marty in Chicago September 21, 2013
"Under Rated"
Absolutely blows away any Cuban I've smoked! Should definitely be rated at least 96 !!!!
MarcoAntonio in Spain September 16, 2013
"one word... WOW!!!"
What bad can be said about this masterpiece!? Beautiful in appearance, draws great and tastes superb! A pricy cigar yes, but worth the indulgence! Enjoy with a nice single malt scotch and create some memories with Padron!
Brian in Costa Mesa, CA November 20, 2012
"Haven't been let down yet"
I got a 1926 #1 in a sampler, and i wasn't let down. Padron became the only cigar I care to smoke, they just don't get any better.
Mike in Dowagiac October 29, 2011
"The best cigar you'll ever smoke"
Agreed. This cigar is 10x better than any cuban you can find. The absolute pinnacle of cigar smoking. The best cigar you will ever smoke is right here. Spend the money, and smoke this sucker. You won't regret it.
Bob in NY August 19, 2009
"Non Plus Ultra"
I reviewed this cigar two years ago. As half of the box still sits in my humidor, I can tell you that they only get better with time (if that is possible). The reason why I still have half a box is because, I don't share them. You may say that I am selfish. Yes,I am. These are only to be experienced by the one who bought them. I tell my (mooch-prone)friends to bring their own. I still contend that they are better than FFOX. And while I enjoy a great diversity of cigars, these are Non Plus Ultra.
Rafael in Odessa, FL September 30, 2008
"Best cigar at ANY price!"
Construction is a 10. Draw is a 10. Taste is a 10. Aroma is a 10. I have tried literally hundreds of different cigars (more than a few costing double or more than this Padron) and this is by far my favorite. The flavor of this cigar will have you dreaming of it for weeks. I am not "sophisticated" enough pick out "hints of nutmeg and a finish of cardamom", but this cigar satisfies in every way. The Padron 1926 will change the way you look at cigars...
John in Chicago September 10, 2008
"Simply Outstanding"
I have been smoking 1926 #1s for a few years now and I still find them to be nothing less than outstanding. I smoke #1s, #2s, 80th anniversary and the 40s as well yet I always fall back to the #1s as the best and most consistent.
Bill in New Jersey September 2, 2008
"As good as it gets!"
I thought I settled on a favorite until I fired one of these up. Yes, full strength but not at all harsh. Perfect burn, nice easy draw with lot's of smoke, great taste all the way down. This is worth taking your time to enjoy every puff. Twice the price of my regular stick but four times the cigar.
Adrian in Seymour CT October 5, 2007
"Better than FFOX"
Carlos Fuente, Jr. has been an aquaintance of mine for over 10 yrs. I get the Opus X through an inner circle friend of his whenever I want. The Padron Aniv. 1926 beats it hands down. But we will never tell... just between you and I.
R. Isaias in FL November 27, 2006
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (94) 100
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