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Padron Serie 1926 #6 Reviews [view details]

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"Let them age correctly and you will be rewarded."
On New Years Eve we had about 8 inches of snow here in northern Arizona so during the games on New Years Day, I spoiled myself with one of my favorite cigars, the 1926 #6. It had been sitting in my humidor I have one for only 250 various Padron series 1964, 1926, and Family Reserves . The 1926 series keeps insisting they are my favorites and today was no different. It was phenomenal. I have always savored the remarkable aromas of all my cigars but also thought some aficionados were making flavors up to impress readers. Well, not anymore. This particular cigar has been resting in my humidor for about 18 months and I was stunned to actually pick up hints of dark chocolate, cherries, and coffee. The cool smoke was beyond delicious with voluminous plumes with each puff. I have smoked hundreds of genuine Cubans and I have all sizes of each Padron series in my humidor tempting me each day along with other humidors for Ashton ESGs and VSGs, Oliva V Melanios, and other favorites but I keep coming back to the Padron 1926 series as my favorite cornerstone of them all.
Mark in Prescott, Arizona January 2, 2015
"Full-on Maduro"
Darker than I was expecting, compared to the Natural, which I think I prefer for its intensity. Still, classic Padron Maduro, yet I remember a smoother 1964. 92+ points
Stefan in City by the Bay April 21, 2014
"Gets Better With Age"
After buying these, I immediately lit one up to try. To say the least, it was very harsh but had plenty of flavor. Tonight, i smoked two of these robustos after a few months of them sitting in my humi and can honestly see a huge difference. Much less mellow and sweet. You must age these to get a flawless smoke! 5 stars!
Frank in Brooklyn, NY July 14, 2013
After smoking this you will not want to smoke anything else!
SD in Long Island March 30, 2013
"Underwhelming relative to the hype"
I got this cigar as a birthday present. I was super excited because of all the hype surrounding Padron Anniversary cigars. I had also had a Padron 7000 that I really liked. So I figured this would be even better. So I smoked it on my birthday at my local cigar establishment. The draw was great, as well as smoke production. At first, it tasted good and I liked it pretty well. About a third into it, it started having bad burn issues, which made me have to relight several times to keep it burning relatively evenly. Each relight made it taste significantly worse. Furthermore, this is a SUPER strong cigar. Even smoking it after eating lunch it kicked my butt and made me really dizzy and pretty sick feeling. Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by this cigar. I had heard Padron Anniversaries almost never have burn issues and are the best of the best. Not my experience at all, I'm sorry to say. Maybe I got a rare bad one.
Rob in Indiana November 21, 2012
I really like this one... chocolate, coffee and slightly spicy it's the best around!!
Danny R. in Los Angeles January 18, 2009
"This is it !!"
I had my first one on New Years Eve. And this is not the Champagne talking .... As words cannot do this magnificent cigar justice. You will just have to try one for yourself ... please do -- you owe it to yourself!
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC January 5, 2009
"Holy Toledo!!!"
FULL body, flavor and strength. These lil guys will knock you down for a loop if you don't have a full stomach. Truly a masterpiece, flavor profile wise i got were nuttiesque, cocoa and coffee.
EW in Germantown, MD April 3, 2008
"Not impressed"
1st off let me say i've been smoking cig's for over 10yrs and i like the padron line BUT, i wasn't impressed by it.it was good but nothing to write home about.i purchased a box,i'll let it sit for a yr that should bring it out.
Michael in NorthCarolina July 18, 2006
"The Best"
One of the best cigars I have ever smoked.
W. Williams in Huntington Beach, CA November 11, 2003
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