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Padron Serie 1926 #9 Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent Flavor - Easy Draw"
I am a long time pipe smoker. At Barlow s Shop in Lafayette, CO I tried a Padron 1926 #9 because I wanted a complex cigar with an easy draw. It delivered on both counts. Now, I will alternate with my oriental and English blend pipe tobaccos.
Richard in Loveland, CO May 23, 2014
I've smoked the standard and 1964 Padrons and I always thought they were really good but nothing out of this world. That changed with the 1926 #9 Maduro. One of the best cigars I've ever had - you can believe the hype. Buy some! I bought a box right after I finished the cigar.
A. in PA August 20, 2013
"Unbelievable Smoke"
The best I've ever smoked
Larry in South Bend May 20, 2012
"Bargaining chip to get into heaven"
By far the best cigar I have ever had, when I was working in a cigar shop, it was like Christmas when a box of these would come in. Not an everyday smoke due to price but for those special occasions, demand nothing less then the Padron 1926 series maduros. When I die, I want one in my pocket to get past the gates.
Andrew in Pennsylvania October 8, 2008
This is a connoisseur's delight! Not a stick for "newbies" for sure. It's complicated yet perfect in every conceivable way. For the money (and they're clearly not inexpensive) it's the best you can buy. If there's a box of sticks waiting for me in heaven then I so hope there are at least a couple of these beauties in there as well!
R. Williams II in Atlanta, GA February 22, 2008
"A Must Smoke"
One of the few ultra premium cigars that is worth the money. The smoke is full of flavor yet cool, right up to the point where you burn your fingers. Don't pass up the opportunity if given one.
Michael in New York June 4, 2006
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10 Construction (97) 100
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