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Pai Gow Reviews

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Pai Gow Robusto
"Not good, burn badly, taste horrible"
Got it from a sampler. It s not good. Burning is bad, need to relight it 3 times. Taste isn t better either. Threw it away half done.
Jin November 13, 2014
Pai Gow Test Flight
"The Right Decision..."
This was a first time customer test purchase... OUTSTANDING package, WELL constructed sticks, GREAT smoke overall. Priced RIGHT. Delivery was QUICK. Just bought MORE.
Coach in Va March 5, 2014
Pai Gow Churchill
"Good Smoke for the price"
1st third has a great flavor. the 2nd third is marginal. Some of the cigars will burn unevenly. Some would not draw properly. Consider it a good value
Andy Alford in North Carolina January 23, 2014
Pai Gow Lonsdale
"Great smoke for the price"
Nice every day smoke. I don t feel like I over did it at the end of the week. Draws smooth and burns great. This is my second bundle.
Tony Giaccone in Saint Petersburg, FL January 14, 2014
Pai Gow Robusto
"I believe %26 therefore I smoke"
Nice surprise in a value priced smoke. I think I'll try this mild beauty again.
Mr. Blues in Central MN October 8, 2013
Pai Gow Toro
"Tight and Firmly Wrapped!!!"
Tight wrapped and excellent construction. Nice draw and mild taste.stays lit n burns slow. Rate 8/10.
Drew in Md September 9, 2013
Pai Gow Robusto
"Semi Sweet and Just Ok"
Not a bad cigar at all but nothing special. Very mild cigar that is semi sweet. No issues with the cigar itself but almost like smoking sweet air. If you like very mild cigars this is a good one for you. Otherwise I would pass.
Anthony in California July 12, 2013
Pai Gow Churchill
"Excellent Cigar"
These have become one of my favorite sticks. One of my regular cigars as of this year.
george knoppe in usa July 6, 2013
Pai Gow Churchill
"Not a Baccarat"
I keep wishing this was a Baccarat. It's not. Smoked em all to the nub though. I might buy again. Taste is a little more nasty than a Baccarat. This is a good kind of nasty. It is a nice wrapper and construction is good if not better than Baccarat. Oh but I miss that Baccarat taste. Taste is the one area where Pai Gow falls a little short.
Nigel in Idaho November 7, 2012
Pai Gow Robusto
"Sweet, similar to Isla Del Sol"
Got a sampler with these in it. Kind of sweet but not too much. Flavor reminds me of the slightly sweeter Isla Del Sol by Drew Estate. I think these are less expensive. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy them but not bad.
Chris in NEPA November 5, 2012
Amilcar Perez Castro