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Pai Gow Reviews

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Pai Gow Robusto
"Sweet taste right from the wrapper. Nice construct"
Sweet taste right from the wrapper. Nice construction, easy draw, and even burn throughout the entire stick.
MD in NJ September 23, 2012
Pai Gow Robusto
"Sweet, Quick, Powerful Draw"
I received this is the Ultimate Sampler. I tried it mainly because the label was somewhat enticing. The cigar smokes quick and easy, with a very powerful and easy draw. Flavor isn't bad, but it's subtle. It burned somewhat off, burning almost like ripples. Still a good, 30-45 minute cigar
Brandon K in Illinois September 13, 2012
Pai Gow Lonsdale
"Good Daily Smoke"
I am new to the cigar world and I have tried a couple of the samplers but had a preference for the milder smoke. I ordered a bundle of the Pai Gow and loved them. Great morning smoke or in the evening with a Scotch.
Daniel in Independence, Missouri November 4, 2011
Pai Gow Test Flight
"Modestly priced, but great quality"
A very good cigar that will not empty your wallet, but which delivers very good flavor and draw. Construction is good, burn is good, and the flavor remains consistent even towards the end. All of the cigars in the test flight have proven to be good. I'll be buying more of these!
Mike in Austin, TX October 31, 2011
Pai Gow Toro
"very good for the money"
I realy like the cost and the smoke
hammer37 in AZ September 14, 2011
Pai Gow Robusto
"So-So at best....."
...but you could do worse at the price. My biggest complaint was a bit of throat burn by the second third. Draw, burn all fine. Flavor was OK!
Keith in Atlanta September 11, 2011
Pai Gow Robusto
I got a couple of these in a Plasencia sampler and lit one up last night. I didn't realize it was a flavored cigar. The sweet flavoring hit me on about the second puff. By the time the thing was lit, I was gagging. I threw it down. Please don't put these in samplers, they are liable to taint the taste of the rest of the cigars.
Joe in New Rochelle, NY August 24, 2011
Pai Gow Test Flight
"Worth the modest price"
I had seen some pretty high marks on the web about this cigar so when I saw this deal, I jumped on it and I have to say, I'm glad I did. I found it interesting that each size had a little different burn characteristic, the worst being the Robusto. I could not for the life of me keep an even burn on those. Aside from that, the sampler was a very pleasant experience. The sticks were all well-constructed...uniform firmness from head to foot, smooth wrapper with few veins. Prelight aroma very nice tobacco scent with what I thought was a hint of earth and leather and definitely some cedar or some similar evergreen. Every one of them shared a very nice and easy draw with a lot of creamy smoke. Speaking of smoke, very mellow with a touch of spice early on, a little less around 1/3 to 1/2 of the stick then a gentle resurgence toward the end. All through each stick I got a little taste of that evergreen now and again that grew more and more welcome the more I experienced it. I am very pleased with these cigars for the price. Great taste and construction and, for the most part, a very even burn. I think a box of them is in my near future!
unfaithfulsfan in Sloan, NY (Buffalo) August 17, 2011
Pai Gow Churchill
"Great Tasting Cigar"
Move over Baccaratts you've been replaced. These cigars have a much better arroma and taste.
Louis in IL November 19, 2010
Pai Gow Lonsdale
"very good cheap smoke - shame about the name"
Now these are a very pleasing cheap smoke.They look good,smoke well and if you take the name off people think theyre a serious smoke.
roy.r in uk November 19, 2010
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