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"Not good, burn badly, taste horrible"
Got it from a sampler. It s not good. Burning is bad, need to relight it 3 times. Taste isn t better either. Threw it away half done.
Jin in November 13, 2014
"I believe %26 therefore I smoke"
Nice surprise in a value priced smoke. I think I'll try this mild beauty again.
Mr. Blues in Central MN October 8, 2013
"Semi Sweet and Just Ok"
Not a bad cigar at all but nothing special. Very mild cigar that is semi sweet. No issues with the cigar itself but almost like smoking sweet air. If you like very mild cigars this is a good one for you. Otherwise I would pass.
Anthony in California July 12, 2013
"Sweet, similar to Isla Del Sol"
Got a sampler with these in it. Kind of sweet but not too much. Flavor reminds me of the slightly sweeter Isla Del Sol by Drew Estate. I think these are less expensive. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy them but not bad.
Chris in NEPA November 5, 2012
"Sweet taste right from the wrapper. Nice construct"
Sweet taste right from the wrapper. Nice construction, easy draw, and even burn throughout the entire stick.
MD in NJ September 23, 2012
"Sweet, Quick, Powerful Draw"
I received this is the Ultimate Sampler. I tried it mainly because the label was somewhat enticing. The cigar smokes quick and easy, with a very powerful and easy draw. Flavor isn't bad, but it's subtle. It burned somewhat off, burning almost like ripples. Still a good, 30-45 minute cigar
Brandon K in Illinois September 13, 2012
"So-So at best....."
...but you could do worse at the price. My biggest complaint was a bit of throat burn by the second third. Draw, burn all fine. Flavor was OK!
Keith in Atlanta September 11, 2011
I got a couple of these in a Plasencia sampler and lit one up last night. I didn't realize it was a flavored cigar. The sweet flavoring hit me on about the second puff. By the time the thing was lit, I was gagging. I threw it down. Please don't put these in samplers, they are liable to taint the taste of the rest of the cigars.
Joe in New Rochelle, NY August 24, 2011
"disappointed with robusto"
Toros were pretty good, sweet. The Robusto, I bought 2 bundles had NO sweet taste at all. Very disappointing..Taste was like 2 different cigars.
bill in chicago October 6, 2010
this was a nice suprise. got it in wise byes and really enjoyed it
jordan in mahtomedi mn July 25, 2010
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10 Draw (83) 100
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10 Taste (73) 100
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10 Construction (77) 100
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