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Panter Reviews

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Panter Dessert (20)
"Not What I Expected"
Ultra mild, creamy, nutty taste. No coffee flavor at all. Very disappointed but at least I didn't spend much $$ on 'em.
Jeffro in NJ September 27, 2014
Panter Mignon (10)
"Crisp Smooth and Very Satisfying"
Perhaps the best little cigar I have ever smoked.
John in Manhattan September 27, 2013
Panter Noir (8)
"Average Price/Average Smoke"
Review title sums up. Got some as freebie from FSS. OK just about - maybe a bit stale.
Rob P in Vietnam August 10, 2013
Panter Mignon (10)
"Nice small smoke"
These are nice quick smokes. Any smaller and I don't like the heat, too hot near the end. These have good flavor, just the right size for a 15 to 20m.
Doug in Seattle May 12, 2013
Panter Mignon Deluxe (20)
"Love the Panter Mignon Deluxe"
The Panter Mignon Deluxe is one of my favorite cigarillos. They burn very well, the construction is excellent, and the taste of these small cigars is extremely satisfying. An excellent cigarillo in my opinion.
Ricky in Louisiana May 9, 2013
Panter Noir (8)
"Not worth the money"
Well when I received them they appeared to be marked 2010. So these must have been sitting around a while I paid $19.99. Good price but the cigars were dry, stale, and the taste rough. Hurt my throat. Was not happy at all. Even the packaging was skimpy. Nothing to keep them fresh.
Kevin B in Riverside January 26, 2013
Panter Noir (8)
"Not that bad"
I got a carton of these as a bonus. Wasn't expecting much. I smoked one right out of the truck, it was a sealed pack. They were stiff and looked nice. After smoking it, it was definately a nice smoke, great draw and good burn. No issues. The tobacco is a little on the bitter side. I made a small canister humidor I bought from walmart and put about two packs worth in the humidor for 5 days (without the cellophane) and they softened up a bit, it burned just as nice but the flavour was a bit more mild and not as bitter. I'm going to let them sit for a few more weeks in there with some other cigarillos and small cigars to see how they fare.
T N in Toronto, Ontario August 2, 2012
Panter Silhouette (20)
love them in the morning after breakfast with a hot cup of coffe. yum yum
Ken in Pawtucket RI April 9, 2012
Panter Noir (8)
"very tasty"
love them gonna buy them all the time.
ken in pawtucket RI April 6, 2012
Panter Blue (20)
"The best smoke of its type!"
There are Cigarillos that cost more but none taste and draw anywhere as good. This is by far my favorite smoke.
Adam K in Ventura, California February 14, 2012
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