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Panter Reviews

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Panter Blue (20)
"Best cigarillo"
I have tried every brand of cigarillo from the most expensive to the cheapest. I keep coming back to the Panter Blue. Very mild, good draw (which most cigarillos do not have). The size is just right for a quick smoke.
Rob in Colorado January 12, 2012
Panter Noir (8)
"The best small cigar so far"
I got a few off the auction site and Man I am nothin but happy with them, Iv'e tried the Onyx Reserve the looks,smell,etc was all fine and well the thing that bothered me most was it's almost impossable to get a hit from all in the pacs Not so with these Panters the flavor reminds me of some cheroots I used to get way back long ago.I agree with the burns too hot issue however I just take "baby Puffs"and that solves that. I highly recomend these
Tse'Nagi in Oneida Nation (Reservation) Wi July 13, 2011
Panter Noir (8)
These cigars might go well with frapps from starbucks, but otherwise it is too bitter i find without much sophisticated flavour. The red sweets are better
Lovin in Winnipeg April 29, 2011
Panter Noir (8)
"Nice little smoke..."
Burned a little hot even when taking your time puffing... could be due to small size.
Lovin in Winnipeg April 29, 2011 April 10, 2011
Panter Tango (20)
"Long time affair"
Panter Tangos are a wonderful little cigar. They're dry yet full, a bit brazil nut, a bit Sumatra, refreshing and like salt air, they are what they are. This is a cigar with a nice personality that is great outdoors, whether with the sail filling or the cappuccino steaming. I've been fond of them for years, and especially recommend them to coffee drinkers as a nice after dinner cigar that won't take two hours to smoke.
Barba in Seattle October 4, 2010
Panter Dessert (20)
"I love these cigars."
Just ordered 3 tins of these, and I love them. Great taste, great smoke. Will order these again.
Bobby P in MI USA September 16, 2010
Panter Dessert (20)
These are horrible, do not waste your $$. No coffee aroma, certainly no vanilla aroma, taste is horrible. They burn poorly too. Once lit, they feel like they will fall apart. Go for the Tatiana Cappacino instead.
Bobert in Hagerstown September 4, 2010
Panter Dessert (20)
"good little cigar"
vary flavorful
michael in TN October 30, 2008
Panter Mignon (10)
"rich, full bodied smoke for a mini"
It's funny these little cigars are labelled 'mild'. I think it's just the opposite. I think they are one of the best smokes in the small cigar/cigarilo category. They have a full rich smoke....I love these ! Great for cold eves in the hot tub when a larger ring size smoke just won't last.
Sam K in Warren VT September 27, 2006
Panter Blue (20)
GRANT WRIGHT in MD August 16, 2006
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